How to Download Andrew Wommack’s Messages for Free

Andrew Wommack is a Minister of God who has blessed many lives tremendously. He is a very simple and easy Minister. He lived a very religious life during his teenage but he later discovered that was doing him no good. When he discovered the Love and holiness of God, He felt like he was ‘the worst sinner on earth’ even though he has never ‘taken a cup of coffee’ or said ‘a word of profanity’. God’s Love welcomes him and he had a life changing experience where he was literally enveloped in the love of God for days.

Since then, Wommack has taught on the Grace of God as the basis of righteousness and eternal life. He has preached on several topics which people hardly talk about, for example, how to deal with grief, (check this post on depression) harnessing your emotion and many others. Andrew Wommack is not the regular Grace preacher, he preaches Grace with a balance of Faith. According to him, Grace is God’s outstretched hands towards man, while Faith is man’s stretched hand to receive from God. Anyone who visits the website can download free messages. This is awesome. All Andrew Wommack’s Messages are available for free download.

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Humanity should be grateful for this.

How to download Andrew Wommack’s Messages

  1. Logon to
  2. Browse through the audio messages – note that all of the messages are in series having various lessons.
  3. Click on the one you want, and tap download lesson (this will download the first lesson in the series)
  4. A new tab will open when you take step 3, you would see an embedded audio player. Click on the three dots button at the right extreme
  5. Click on download. Voila! Your message is downloading
  6. To download another lesson, go back to the audio messages tab and select the lesson, then repeat the steps above.
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Watch this video to learn how to download Andrew Wommack’s Messages.


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