Making Google
Work for You.

A Free Seminar by Michael Adegoke

This seminar is free for the first 50 participants only. Registration is compulsory.


The Basic Structure of the Internet/World Wide Web

The Structure of Search Engine

An Overview of Existing Search Engines

Getting noticed on Search Engines

Your Social Media & Search Engines

Your Websites & Search Engines

Google MyBusiness

Introduction to Keyword Optimization

Questions & Answers

Training Requirement

This training is going to hold online through an audio meeting.

The freeconferencecall app will be used for the meeting.

Kindly download the app here and ensure that you create an account before the training date.

Make sure you have at least 500MB of data on your phone to avoid network interruptions.

At some points, I will share my screen with you for demonstrations.

Register below and get ready to learn new things.


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