kenneth copeland has 37 years to go

I HAVE GOT 37 MORE YEARS TO GO, Says 82+ year old Kenneth Copeland

Acts 1:8, Gen 1:1-2 Nothing was happening until God said Light be and Light was. Now He’s not talking about sunshine because the sun wasn’t created until the 4th day. This was the beginning, I want to introduce to you this morning to the ‘Spirit of Power’.

God said Light Be, 24 hours later, there was 16,700,400,000 miles of universe. God’s word spoke light and it traveled a 186,000 miles a second, and it’s still expanding in all directions, the universe is still expanding in all directions at the speed of light. My brethren, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the Spirit that is planning your life (Thank Jesus)

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Isa 40: 12 Think about this: Our God before He created this planet, Our God weighed the oceans of the world with one drop of water in the palm of His hand. He weighed the mountains with a piece of dust. How much do you suppose the Pacific Ocean weighs (1 drop of water in the palm of His hand). Think of the God that is living inside of you right now that names all the stars, knows all the stars, there’s trillion right here in our own little galaxy. We’re talking today about Developing a ‘God-Inside Me’ Consciouness

God is in Heaven, Jesus is in Heaven, the Holy Spirit isn’t, He is here. He’s represented in Heaven by Jesus but He’s our representative (Glory to God, Amen). He represents us, He is our advocate, our lawyer, He is our helper, He is our standby.

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I remember as a young lad, like Bishop said, I’m 82 years old and I’m preaching in a hurry because I’ve only gotten 37 more years to go (Amen, oh Yeah, I didn’t say that to be funny. No sir) – Gen 6:3, the days of man shall be 120 years. That’s the only age in the Bible that God said. That 70 or 80, that’s what the people said and unwilling, disobedient people in the wilderness kept saying that and God said that is it, 70/80 and you’re done.

Anybody over 20, you’re going to die whether anything is wrong with you or not. That’s never been the lifespan of man. He (God) said 80 is your new 30. I’m healthy than I’ve been in my life, stronger than I’ve ever been in my life ( Hallelujah, Glory to God).

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It’s the Spirit of the Living God, the Life Spirit. We’re the Body of Christ, the Body of the Anointed one. His Anointing is the Mighty Spirit of the Living God, the one that created the Heaven and the Earth. I went into this ministry 52 years ago.


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