Start Talking – Pst. Chris Oyakhilome

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When you wake up,

start talking, create for yourself what is Called a “Talking Session” where all you do is talk; you talk into your future, your family, your finances, and everything that concerns your life.

Don’t be the quiet type.

You know, there are some of you young men here who just got married to this young sister, now you have kids, and things have not been going as planned; it’s as though life has gone against you, and you’re just there asking “what am I gonna do” I have told you before, I have told you, stop thinking of what to do, because I already told you what to do.

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Young man,

start learning to wake up in the night, and when you wake up, don’t read newspapers, don’t tune in to the television to search which football is going on, hear me now, start talking, start declaring words of faith. The harder the world pulls it’s strings, the more you talk, don’t let them frighten you out of your talking.

The harder things look,

the more you talk, because I tell you, the greater the problem, the greater will be the fall before you, it will crumble before you. Let Satan just keep building it against you, don’t care, just keep talking, the higher the walls, the greater the fall will be.

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Remember what the Bible says,

it said “When the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth. When you haven’t seen the harvest yet, don’t stop talking. Use your mouth, the power is in your mouth.

Brother, that money is in your mouth, that business, that healing, that child, that change is in your mouth. Glory to God.

This is a message to young men from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Kindly share this post to all men you know. This message can aslo be applied to everyone not only men.

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