[darina_dropcap]W[/darina_dropcap]hat you hear is not easily retained in your memory as much as what you see.

Unfortunately, you don’t have plenty of good things to educate your mind accidentally. In fact, what you see all around is more negative than positive. Yet your mind retains most of them. This affects your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and ultimate output in life.

What do you educate your mind with?

  1. Music videos with gracefully uncovered nudity (both Nigerian & Foreign).
  2. Movies with sex scenes, saddening stories which get you scared and sometimes pessimistic about life.
  3. Pornographic video clips
  4. News with negative reports on disease spread, cancer, ebola or stories that portray life has impossible to you.
  5. Ladies ‘sexily’ dressed on the street, at work, in your neighbourhood and so on.
  6. Images of hopelessness and despair.

The truth

We are in the world. We have total control only over our individual lives, therefore some things are beyond our control. You can’t change how people dress, what news is told and every other thing around.

That doesn’t mean they won’t affect you.

All of the images you see every day get into your mind and subconsciously affect your response to life situations.


There is nothing you see that doesn’t have an effect. However, you can fight it. You have to consciously choose to educate your mind properly.

So choose to concentrate your mind on only things that would help, thereby suppressing the useless ones.

To achieve success, you have to be deliberate about what you watch. The random things you see around are negative enough. Spend time to saturate your mind with relevant information that would counter the negative ones.

How can we help?

We have got relevant spoken word videos that will both entertain you and educate you here. 

How about watching Christian music videos? Many young persons used to complain that Christian music is boring, but now are days there are different genres of Christian music including, rock, rap, hip-hop and more. Check out our collection. Watch some and tell us what you feel.

More importantly, we have concentrated mind renewal foods – sermons or messages. These are proven to be one of the most effective means of changing your mind and living your desired life.

We have messages from different ministers of God across the world. Make your choice.

Educate your mind with some other video clips.