Cathy White Jay Z relationship explored, how Cathy White died?

The discussion of Cathy White murder and relationship with Jay Z again triggered on social media? Who was Cathy White? What happened to her? Cathy White was a popular fitness and beauty expert in America. She was found dead in her Manhattan residence in 2011. The Cathy White’s death sparked a new controversy around Jay Z.

But why we are talking about the case now? It is because an American journalist Liz Crokin had posted about it and justice for Cathy White on her X account (formerly Twitter) handle. In just few hours of posting, the post has been watched by millions of viewers and it got over ten thousands of comments. New theories are started coming out exposing Jay Z and criticizing him. Liz had indirectly accused Jay-Z in the murder case of Cathy White and prayed for justice.

Who is Liz Crokin? Liz Crokin is a well known American theorist and journalist who is 45-years old and qualified from University of Iowa. She is an award-winning author who had also worked in the movies. She has more than 3 lakh followers on her X account. Her latest post on Jay Z and Cathy White started a new debate and discussion between users on social media.

Cathy White was the fitness expert and businesswoman who worked as the CEO of his own beauty firm and brand. She was educated from Howard University and made her name in the Los Angeles beauty industry. In her professional career, Cathy worked with top models and celebrities in the industry. According to reports and rumors, she was engaged with well known rapper Jay-Z but the truth and facts never came out. Different theories linked the couple and shared their relationship journey.

There are no confirmation reports about relationship between Cathy White and Jay Z.

What happened to Cathy White? How did she died? According to reports, Cathy passed away on September 02 at the age of 28 years in her Manhattan apartment. She was a young influencer and fitness lady on the social media. Initial reports claimed that Cathy died from brain aneurysm but many experts rejected the claim. Because she died in the suspicious circumstances, many fans still believe that truth in the case is yet to come out.

For now, users are debating and sharing their opinion on social media based on the latest Twitter post. Keep check back for more updates on YouLaif.

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