Who is Jenna Fryer, Christian Horner’s personal assistant of Red Bull racing CEO

Who is the Jenna Fryer and why is she being discussed on social media? Jenna Fryer is working as the personal assistant for the CEO Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing. Christian Horner is a known former racing driver who is in the business of the motorsports and activity. Currently, he is serving as the executive for the Red Bull racing. He is 51 years and won more than 12 titles in the racing game. The British personality is in the news because of the leaked emails and messages on twitter. His old messages and photos with former staff member are shared on social media which sparked new controversy and misconduct allegations against him.

So far, he is under pressure after the controversy and Red Bull may may take action against him and initiate an investigation. Read to find out more about Christian Horner’s personal assistant Jenna Fryer who is also linked in the controversy.

Who is Jenna Fryer?

Jenna Fryer is the lady who is working for Christian Horner’s personal assistant. She manages Horner’s communication, tour arrangements, meetings, appointments and schedules meetings for operation work.

Jenna Fryer plays an important role in collaborating with Christian Horner, assisting in steering the team towards goal through coordination and communication. She is working for Horner’s company from a long time.

Fryer’s name emerged on social media within the Formula One community after leak of Google Drive, emails and WhatsApp messages containing sensitive information about Christian Horner and female staff worker.

Christian Horner is under pressure

Christian Horner is a married personality and his wife name is Geri Halliwell. They both got married in 2015. Together they welcomed a kid whose name is Bluebell Madonna Halliwell.

Christian Horner was born on 6 August 1972 which makes him 51 years old in 2024.

It is true that he is under pressure after the leak of private messages. The internal investigation is going on in the organization as he is facing backlash on social media.

It is still unknown how the content of file of private messages leaked on Twitter.

Christian Horner’s net worth

Christian Horner is a successful motorsport personality from UK. He is also a successful executive and business personality.

The Christian Horner’s net worth is estimated as $52 million in 2024 as he receives impressive salary for working as team principal of Red Bull Racing. According to reports, his contract deal offers £9m per year for the job.

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