Michael Adegoke [Biography]

Michael Adegoke’s ready answer to the question what do you do is; “I solve problems for a living”. Solving problems and the quest to make things simple is what forms the core of Michael Adegoke’s life and career.

Michael Adegoke’s passion for solving problems and making life easy for everyday people is what drives his interest in providing WordPress solutions. He understands that everyone may not be tech-savvy, but these non-savvy people need to create awareness and solutions for their businesses.

Michael Adegoke is a WordPress expert with more than 10 years of working experience. He has been able to create models to help non-programmers build websites and understand how the internet works.

Michael also runs a digital marketing agency that specializes in WordPress speed optimization. He has created more than 100 WordPress calculators that make business easy for regular people (you can find some of these calculators on usacalculators.com).

Alongside the WordPress solutions that Michael create, he is also an SEO (search engine optimization) expert. He has worked with several brands (both local and international brands) in the areas of Speed Optimization, Schema Markup writing (in JSON LD), Search Engine Optimization and other WordPress solutions.

He was on the branding team for ‘Lagos Farm Fair’ an event that attracted thousands of attendees from all over Nigeria. Michael has helped in developing several brands both within and outside Nigeria. He has worked in various creative domains like Graphic Design, video content creation, social media management, Search engine Optimization, Web development & brand strategy.

His love for problem-solving and his passion for simplifying web development and the online space spurred him into creating easy-to-grasp tutorials and value content. Michael Adegoke currently runs MICHAEL ADEGOKE TRAINING NETWORK.

The training network provides both offline and online training/mentoring programs in WordPress development, WordPress solutions/trouble-shooting, searching engine optimization, personal branding for job-search, personal or business branding to attract customers.

Michael Adegoke is a Christian that solves problems every day for a living. You can reach out to him here if you think he can help you solve any challenge.