About us


Obviously, there is something great about you. Can you imagine youlaif.com exists just for you? Yes! That is the truth. You are the only one like you in the universe and there are a lot of potentials in you. There is no limit to what you can achieve. We are here to help as much as possible in living your dream life –  a life of success, dominion, peace, freedom and any other good thing you can imagine. Sit back, relax see how we can help you below.

How will youlaif.com  help you?

We will provide you with different forms of resources that will enlighten you and help in making life decisions. These resources range from articles, videos, songs, and links to other resourceful websites. Youlaif.com is basically a lifestyle website we focus on topics ranging from Love, Attitude to Faith. Our aim is to bridge the gap between knowing the truth and living the truth. Next is the summary of what we believe.

What do we believe?

We believe in results. Any mindset that produces positive results is good.  There are lots of theories and doctrines about living a successful life but we believe only the one that stands the test of love should be emulated. At youlaif.com all her ideas are developed consciously to favour everyone. Nobody should be made unhappy just for another to achieve success. All of our ideas stem from the Holy Bible and they all work. We don’t do believe in anything that doesn’t work. Take a tour, to understand better.

From where does youlaif.com get content?

Simple! From the Bible. As earlier said we have seen a lot of principles gotten from the bible practised. And they all produced good results. We get content from people who have achieved good success in one area of their lives or the other. This comes in form of interviews, their articles or commentaries they have made. We also sort content from musicians, spoken word artistes, Hymn writers, and Pastors.

What next?

Our audience (youlaifers) are provided with a platform to chat and share ideas. What else do you think we can do to help  you live your desired life? Kindly send us a messgae in the box below.

It’s all about you.