What Should I do if I failed Jamb or Scored less than 200?

The just concluded  2019 jamb examination has left different people with different reactions. After checking their results, some are happy as their hopes of gaining admission into a tertiary institution is heightened. Some are unhappy thinking of what to do about their result which seems incapable to make them proceed into a different stage in their lives. If you just checked your jamb result and it is not up to 200, this post is for you. Relax, worry no more.

First Step

It is hard to but you need to, first of all, be at peace. There is always a way out of every situation, and your ability to discover the way out is in you being calm and rested. Realise that God loves you and He wants the best for you, the solution to every problem is installed inside the problem itself.

Second Step

Check for Polytechnics that can accept the range of score you have. You can also check for Montechnics too. Don’t be deceived, hardly would you find any NUC accredited University that will take a score less than 200. Don’t give your money to some online agents who claim they can help you secure such admission.

Third Step

Apply for a change of Institution or a change of course. If for instance, you scored 200 and the cut-off mark for the course you chose is 220, it is better you quickly apply for a course that would accept 200 as cut off mark. How would you know? You can ask students that are already in that school or go to your selected department in the school.

Fourth Step

Does it really worth it to change your course all because you want to get into school this year, will your change of course not affect your career at a long time? It is advised that you consider this before doing a change of course.

Fifth Step

Prepare gallantly for another jamb. Failure is not scoring low in jamb, failure is quitting without achieving your aim. Your experience this year would have thought you one way not to write jamb or what school combination to choose.  You can decide to get a part-time job while waiting for another Jamb.

Remember, God has a purpose for your life, 2019 Jamb should not make you go out of God’s plan for your life. Trust in God, pray for direction and He will tell you exactly what to do.

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