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Wednesday, July 15th,2020;

(Add Value To Your Personality)

👤 Pastor Chris

Genesis 49:3-4 “Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. Unstable as water, you shall not excel….”

It’s possible for someone to have so much ability or be gifted with a unique skill, yet when such a skill is required, that individual isn’t chosen because he doesn’t have the right character. If you would spend time to invest in yourself and develop an excellent attitude, sooner than later, the improvements in your personality would become evident to all. Make up your mind to develop the right mental structure and add value to yourself.


By “mental structure,” I’m referring to the attitudes you cultivate over time that control your actions and form your character. In Genesis 49, you’ll see how Reuben’s character and his ability clashed. He was the beginning of his father’s strength and the excellence of his wisdom. Jacob had invested so much in him, yet he was unstable in his ways and couldn’t excel in life!

Reuben had the opportunity to be great and very influential, but his character stopped him from excelling. Don’t be this way! Be the one who is dependable, such that when there’s something important to be done— whether at home, at school or in church—you’re always one of the first to be considered and called upon. Inside you are hidden treasures; you came into this world with a unique personality, gifts, and abilities. Therefore, discover your place and be the best of you for the benefit of your world!

Think Big! Believe Big! Live Big!

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🎯 Go Deeper
Psalm 119:9 CEV; Daniel 6:3; Acts 20:32

🔊 Pray
Dear Lord, I thank you for the investment and training that I receive through your Word, which helps me form an excellent character and a great personality. I take advantage of your grace in me to improve myself and attain higher heights of greatness, in Jesus’ Name.

📚 Daily Bible Reading

Acts 23:12-35, Job 40-42

Luke 9:1-9, Joshua 11

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