Aditya L1 director Nigar Shaji Biography, age and and religion of ISRO scientist

Aditya-L1 mission is the first India’s solar mission which takes off on September 02, 2022. India’s massive success in the field of space research and mission is appreciable and outstanding. The Aditya-L1 mission was under the ISRO scientist Nigar Shaji. Under her leadership, today India is celebrating the success of the new Sun mission. Who is Nigar Shaji? What was her past journey in ISRO and space work? Nigar is the main person who is behind Aditya-L1 mission who comes from southern district of Tenkasi. The 59-years old woman showed the power of Indian space technology and women contribution in the space technology. Nigar was working for ISRO from the last 35 years.

Who is Nigar Shaji?

Nigar Shaji is an ISRO scientist who is 59-years old. She was born to parents Saitoon Biwi (mother) and Sheikh Meeran (father). Her father is a famer in town of Sengottai in Tamil Nadu and mother works as homemaker. Nigar completed studies in BE (Bachelor in Engineering) degree from Kamaraj University, Madurai in Electronics and Communication. And got her Master’s degree from BIT, Ranchi in Electronics and Communications. No doubt that she was expert in her field.

Nigar joined the ISRO in 1987 and started her professional journey.

Nigar Shaji’s journey in ISRO

Shaji, with 35 years of dedicated service at ISRO, played an important role in different projects. With her expertise and hard work, she has effectively fulfilled a range of duties within India’s communication, remote sensing, and satellite programs. Nigar was given the responsibility of director for the Aditya-L1 mission which is India’s first solar mission. Its aim to study the sun mysteries and provide the power generating options to the country. The mission was launched from Sriharikota Space Center on September 02, 2023. Sources revealed that it is one of the milestones for the Indian space agency.

Who is Nigar Shaji Husband?

Nigar Shaji is a married woman and her husband works as mechanical engineer in Gulf country. Her work also works as an engineer in Netherlands. And her daughter is doctor.

Shaji has recently become part of the experienced group of popular scientists hailing from Tamil Nadu who have made significant contributions to the achievements of ISRO’s missions. The Aditya L1 mission will help Indian to study the sun and discover the new sources of solar power generation technology.

Nigar currently lives in Bangalore with family. She made every Indian feel proud after the success of this mission.

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