Andrew Wommack Men’s Advance 2020 Cancelled Because of COVID-19

Andrew Wommack Men’s Advance 2020 has been cancelled in order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 and to obey the instructions of the Government. See what Andrew Wommack has to say concerning the Coronavirus here:

Jamie and I are personally not panicked about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We have God’s promises that He will protect us, and that’s good enough for us. But it’s not only about us.

We are a part of a community and there are many people who don’t share our view and are genuinely concerned about the health risks to themselves and others.

Local health authorities contacted us and asked us to cancel our Men’s Advance, which we did. We only had locals attend and live streamed to the rest with their approval.

We’ve also canceled our A.R.M.I. conference and have ended all staff and student travel until at least the end of March.

Since Colorado’s governor has closed all public schools from Denver to Pueblo, we have decided to comply and follow the lead on that too. Charis Bible College Colorado will be closed with other arrangements for students for the next two weeks. Our other campuses in the states will follow the lead of their local health officials.

I feel this might be an overreaction, but if someone caught the virus at our meeting, and God forbid died, we would be viewed as the agent of someone’s death. I certainly don’t want that and don’t think that would be the witness Jesus would want us to give to our community either.

So, we are taking extra precautions with our employees such as having more sanitizing stations and constantly cleaning commonly touched and used areas. We are asking employees who show any symptoms to work from home and we are in constant contact with the health officials in our area and are following their recommendations.

If you or someone you know has gotten sick with the virus, our Helpline is now open 24 hours a day on Monday through Friday and we are available to pray with you and see the Lord’s healing power flow. We are not afraid of the pestilence that is walking in the darkness. No evil will befall us and no plague can come nigh our dwelling (Psalms 91:6, 10). We would love to mix our faith with yours and see this protection extended to you and your household.

Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” That’s our position and we believe the same for you too.



See below the video about ‘Andrew Wommack Men’s Advance 2020 Cancellation’ and Andrew Wommack’s Response to the Coronavirus. You can download the Video or mp3

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