Arkflix: All you need to know

Is Arkflix the new Christian Netflix?

Well, I really cannot emphatically say ‘yes’ now but I hope to someday very soon.

Arkflix is a Christian movie streaming site. It’s somewhat like a Netflix that shows only Christian movies.





That is my own conclusion anyway. They actually did not describe themselves as a ‘Christian movies platform’, according to their about us page they are:

The Ark is a faith based streaming content platform.
We provide quality entertainment for all ages to view, listen and enjoy without worry of harmful
content. At the Ark, you, your friends and family can escape the noise of the world and be lifted.
Our platform allows consumers to view high-definition movies, educational, documentaries, TV
shows that allows families to stream via their computer, tablets and smart phones. Users can stream
for 24 hours every day.

I am particularly excited about this because it is a great alternative for Christians to abstain from the ‘unchristian’ content that is stuffed unto Netflix.

How can you access Arkflix?

At the time of this writing, you can only watch their movies on their website which is They do not have an official app yet on the Google Playstore. There are however several apk files of the app on several sites but it is not available to download those. Let’s wait for them to release the official app.

Who can watch on Arkflix?

Everyone can watch movies on Arkflix. There is content that is suitable for children on the platform. Of course, the content on the platform is not meant for only Christians. Everyone can watch the movies and have a really good time.

Can Children watch movies on Arkflix?

Yes, they can. There are a lot of children movies on the platform already.

Can I watch the movies on Arkflix for free?

No! It costs just N2, 300 for Nigerians ($4.99 for other countries) to subscribe for a monthly package. 

That is N700 cheaper than the cheapest Netflix package is which is N3000. Another amazing fact about this N2, 300 package is that you can stream on multiple devices. You can stream on your phone, laptop or with your smart TV. There is no limitation to the number of devices you can use.

arkflix price

Does Arkflix feature only foreign movies?

No, there are both foreign movies and Nigerian movies on this platform. Interestingly, there are some amazing Nigerian movies on the platform already. Some of them are ‘Drawing Strength’ which features Sophia Alakija and ‘Unveiled’ a mini-series.

arkflix sophia alakija arkflix unveiled series arkflix nigeria2


Who owns Arkflix?

There are many indications to the fact that the site is owned by Rex Idaminabo – a Nigerian. But we cannot at the moment verify the information.

What Categories of videos are available on Arkflix?

1. Kiddies

2. Documentaries

3. Movies


What are the Movies they have?

At the time of this writing, these are some of the best movies you can watch on arkflix:

  1. Little Foxes
  2. Strong Reasons
  3. The Lamp
  4. Redemption of the Commons
  5. Little to Note Heaven
  6. A Christmas Snow
  7. Before the Wrath

What are the Documentaries they have?

At the time of this writing, these are the best documentaries available on arkflix:

  1. Life in Christ
  2. Miracles in Action
  3. Unbreakable: The Steve Zakuani Story
  4. Warrior of Honors
  5. Thin Places
  6. The Search for the Real Mount Sinai
  7. Birth of Freedom

How can I contact Arkflix?

You can send them a mail

or send them a message on their Facebook page.

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