Ben Kissel girlfriend allegations, what happened to Last Podcast on the Left host?

What happened to Ben Kissel from Last Podcast on the Left? Why is he not part of the podcast anymore. Ben Kissel has been removed from the LPOTL podcast show after the domestic abuse allegations. Ben is a known personality on digital platform. It is not easy to stand out among the people in the crowd but very few have done it quite smoothly. Ben Kissel is quite popular and the people who have been following The Last Podcast on the Left must be knowing his name as he is the pillar behind it. Actually, he is facing serious allegations by his ex-girlfriend. Netizens quickly reacted to this news when they came to hear about it. Who is Ben Kissel’s wife and ex-girlfriend.

Ben Kissel’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Moon

Ben Kissel who has been known for the podcast show on social media since quite a time left the show. It has been for wrong reasons that he is in news now. He has now faced domestic abusing case allegations that are quite terrible to be honest. He is facing the difficult charges in his life right now. This allegation has come from his ex-girlfriend Taylor Moon. Taylor Moon has actually taken the social media by fire by saying that she was physically attacked by Ben Kissel. After this allegation there are many things that have resurfaced in the internet and it has made the life of this internet celebrity very difficult.

The Last Podcast on the Left will continue or not?

It is said that The Last Podcast on the Left will continue to go on and all the performers will keep performing. It is confirmed by the producing team that they are moving on to the next chapter of their life as far as this podcast is concerned. If you are a fan of this podcast then this is some news for you as you might be curious to know the answer regarding it. With the allegations being serious this podcast was not able to take risk of continuing further with Ben Kissel.

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Fans reaction on allegations

Ben’s fans reacted to these allegations on the social media platform Instagram. Ben has 194K followers on the Instagram with lots of photos shared with fans.

Many fans supported Ben and prayed for him as they believe that these allegations are false and motivated. While many other slammed him after the news broke out on social media.

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