Bodybuilder Neil Currey is dead, IFBB champ not died in car accident

It is shocking and tragic news that hits our way. Yes, Neil Currey the bodybuilder is no more. He was quite popular among the gym freaks globally. At the age of 34 years, he took his last breath. According to the sources, this information has been reported along with Milos Sarcev. He was also said to be a former coach of the late Neil Currey. Initially, it was shared that he died in a car accident but later news reports confirmed that bodybuilding committed suicide. The reason is still unclear. Let’s read Neil Currey’s professional journey in past.

Neil Currey IFBB journey

Neil Currey started competing in the year of 2019, particularly at the IFBB. He was also winning the competition in the year of 2022. At the same time, he also made his debut in Olympia during the years of 2022. The best thing about Carrey is, he was very much passionate about maintaining his fitness from his teen age. However, he used to play football and later went to lift weights. After that, he was full-time focusing on the workout to build his body. Along with that, he also maintained the proper diet plan particularly for his career to follow.

Neil Currey’s bodybuilding career

Neil started this career during the year of 2017 in the world championships and finished in fifth. After that, he also won first in the NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Italy Competitions. Later, he also became known as a Classic Physique competitor at the IFBB level during the year of 2019. Apart from that, he participated in various familiar competitions globally. The best part was he also won gold when it came to New York Pro. During the time of Olympia 2022, he was also a part of this competition.

Neil Currey’s Cause of death

As per the sources, the tragic news is he took his own life on September 11, 2023. The main reason is said to be that Currey was struggling with mental anxieties and depression for a long time. Now, this news shocked the people who kept Neil as their inspiration. Despite his growth in his career and loads of success, but in personal, he was struggling with mental pressure and left his last breath. So, the passing news of Neil has created a wave among the gym freaks in recent times. Well, suicide is not a solution for everything.

Also there are talks that he died in the car accident but it is not confirmed.

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