Bugoy Na Koykoy real name (Koykoy Sorrento), age and net worth

Bugoy na Koykoy is a renowned rapper, street artist and vlogger who hails from Sorrento, Cavite. He is a famous rapper from Philippines who is linked to the controversial songs and music albums. It is reported that his real name is Koykoy Sorrento. There is also a mystery as he keeps his actual name a secret. He had never revealed his real name in public. Koy got attention on the internet due to his involvement with three girlfriends and his relationships. Fans are highly influenced by his views on relationship topic. How much is the rapper Bugoy Na Koykoy net worth?

Who is Bugoy Na Koykoy?

Bugoy Na Koykoy is a popular rapper, vlogger and artist from Philippines. Bugoy runs his own clothing brand, known as Daily Flight. He is also the founder 2 Joints Enterprise.

Koy had released well-known songs such as “STIG” featuring rapper Flow G. Some of his popular songs of the year are “Holding Hands,”, “Benta Bounce”,”Rich Agad”. His several more available for streaming on all major songs platforms. Bugoy Na Koykoy’s birthday falls on September 21. Koy is involved in the multiple businesses like brand owner, rapper and vlog content on his channel.

Koykoy has three wives and recently got separated from his second wife.

Bugoy Na Koykoy Age

Name: Bugoy Na Koykoy
Real Name: Koykoy Sorrento
Birthday: September 21
Occupation: Vlogger, Rapper
Nationality: Filipino
Net Worth: $4.6 million

Bugoy Na Koykoy on social media

Bugoy na Koykoy manages his official accounts on all social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. His Facebook page is followed by 600K people, twitter account has 130K followers and YouTube has over 1 million subscribers.

Koykoy hails from Sorrento, Cavite, Philippines, where he was born and raised. Bugoy is of Filipino nationality. His real name is controversial as he never talked about his life and real name.

How much is Bugoy Na Koykoy net worth?

The Bugoy Na Koykoy net worth is $4.6 million in 2023. Koy got popularity after working in collaboration with fellow rapper Flow G. Lately, Bugoy Na Koyokoy and Samsara have surfaced on the internet for the reports of their divorce. Samasara is the Koy’s second wife. Both are separated now from each other.

The rapper is little bit controversial on social media because of the statements and lifestyle. Koykoy also announced his next project with one of the big music starts by the end the 2023. He will release his new album soon.

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