Who was Deborah Brandao? Danelo’s Chester County Prison Escape, what happened so far?

The manhunt is going on for the dangerous murderer Danelo Cavalcante who had escaped from Chester County Prison. Officials looking for Danelo Cavalcante have provided limited information regarding his Thursday escape from Chester County Prison.

As the search intensifies for Danelo Cavalcante, law enforcement agencies have opted to maintain a silence over the incident as dangerous prisoner escaped from County Prison on Thursday. The authorities refraining from sharing the critical details of the incident. According to District Attorney Deborah Ryan, Danelo Cavalcante is very dangerous and encourage anyone who spots him to inform dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Who was Deborah Brandao?

Danelo Cavalcante is the a convicted murderer in the case of Deborah Brandao who was his girlfriend. Danelo is 34-years old and the information have been shared by the authorities. He was arrested earlier in the August month for killing his girlfriend Deborah Brandao.

Danelo was an immigrant from Brazil with no official documents and details. He came to United States few years ago illegally. In an investigation, it was found that an arrest warrant was issued against him for a murder case in his native country back in 2017. He worked in the construction company and settled in Chester County with his friends.

How Danelo Cavalcante escaped Chester County Prison?

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Warden Howard Holland declined to respond to inquiries about Cavalcante’s escape from the prison because of ongoing investigation into the matter. This is serious matter and incident and those who are responsible for it will be punished.

When authority found Cavalcante missing around 9 a.m. , prison management immediately informed law enforcement agencies for the lockdown and manhunt operation in the city. State police and detectives are working to find him. Also the “wanted” posters are published on the roads.

Deborah Brandao and Cavalcante Case

According to investigators, he is a very dangerous man. The officials has offered a reward of up to $10,000 for any information about Cavalcante. He was last seen at Wawaset Road in nearby Pocopson Township after half hour of the escape.

The Cavalcante’s height is 5 feet and weight around 120 pounds wearing white t-shirt and shorts.

Brandao was in relationship with Cavalcante for two years. She had two children as per the past marriage documents.

Cavalcante killed Deborah Brandao in 2020 after an argument in his apartment. As per investigators, Cavalcante’s behaviour was very aggressive. In this case, he was prisoned lifetime jail by the court.

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