Did Disney removes drinking age or not? Disney World official news for drinking age

Is it true that Disney World is lowering the drinking age and changing their policy. The Mouse Trap news again made a funny and false story on their official website about it. Nonetheless, Disney lovers continue to believe in these stories and rumors, inquiring about the authenticity of the statement.

Disney World which is located in Orlando, Florida is a popular destination for cartoon fans. It has a drinking age policy in accordance with Florida state law. Hence, there is not news about the change in this law about the drinking age. The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years old.

disney drinking age
Disney drinking policy

Those who are visiting to the place with drinking material must be at least 21 years of age. Along with it, they must have to provide valid identification as proof of age. There are rumors spreading that Disney World lowered the age to 18 years but this is not true at all. No change in drinking policy yet.

This policy is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, particularly families with children who make up a significant percentage of Disney World’s visitors. Also this rule helps promoting a family-friendly and good atmosphere throughout the park.

Mouse Trap News stands out as one of the most amusing Disney parody websites, often presenting scenarios that are surprisingly believable. Such things happened before also as they make funny announcements on Disney World but later it seems to be fake or just fun story to the fans. This time they made statement that the drinking age for Disney World is lowered to 18 years but it is not true at all.

TRUE FACT: – No! Disney World has not removed the drinking age. According to Florida State Law, the drinking policy is still 21 years old at Disney Land in Florida. 

Disney follows strict rules on drinking policy.

Remember, it is just a joke news which got viral on the Tiktok and Twitter. This is something which people really want from Disney to do so they believed the story quickly. We hope Disney will release an official statement on the drinking age policy and perhaps change it in future.

We request all the Disney fans to do not believe in these story as it is just a parody from Mouse Trap news. This is not the first time when this story break out on social media, such things happened before also on the social media sites.

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