Dunsin Oyekan’s Wife Death

Dunsin Oyekan is a seasoned Minister of the gospel who has blessed many lives with his songs. He was happily married to his beautiful wife Doyin Oyekan. On the 10th of June he posted on his Facebook:

Instead of mourning, we chose to rejoice

What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned it around for good.

Join me, my family and friends to celebrate the VICTORY we have in Christ!

It’s a celebration of Life for my dear wife who has gone to glory!

See you there! God bless!

How they met

Dunsin married his wife ( she had two children) on the 2nd of February 2013. On their 5th year anniversary he shared the story of how they met.

Can’t forget the 1st day I met you in class… i was like “are you in this department”? How come I’m just seeing you? You just smiled and walked pass…. When I asked you out, I didn’t mince words… “I want to marry you” and you were like, is this guy serious at all?

But today, it’s history! It’s been 5years of GRACE…. Thank you AdeDoyin for staying by me and believing in me… Thank you for being my “checks and balances”
Thanks for supporting every dream and vision the Lord puts in my heart… It can only get better from here! The rest of our very long and fruitful lives is the BEST.

Dunsin Oyekan’s Wife Death

There is no sufficient information on the situation surrounding her passing unto glory. We send our condolence to the family. Interestingly, Dunsin has chosen to celebrate the life of his wife and mother of his children with praise and worship unto God. We also thank God Doyin Oyekan was a good Christian before she passed on unto glory.  Dunsin Oyekan’s wife death did not make him lose his faith in God.

In a recent post on his Instagram Dunsin Oyekan posted “and the Devil Died”, this is a sequel to the worship concert

he has together with Victoria Orenze and Elijah Oyelade.

After this program, this is what Dunsin Oyekan hs to say:

On August 16, which is Doyin Oyekan’s birthday –  Dunsin released a music video in her memory. According to him, the song is one of her favourites.

Releasing this video today to celebrate the birthday of my wife who has gone to be with the LORD as this is one of her favorites… The memory of the Just is blessed. Love you Babes…


Till we meet in heaven, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


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20 thoughts on “Dunsin Oyekan’s Wife Death”

  1. Dunsin, reading through your story got me amazed about the impact you have made in the ministry with your songs and how many lives you’ve blessed at this very young age but getting to know that you lost your wife too soon got me very emotional. I appreciate your strong faith in God and pray His grace continues to abide sufficiently with you and may His anointing over your life never run dry in Jesus’ name.

  2. I got emotional reading this post about Dunsin, and it has made me want to yearn for a deeper relationship with God.
    I found his song randomly last year on YouTube, and have been hooked since. God will continue using him in larger ways and bless the work of his hands. Shalom!

  3. My very own brother from another mother.. I do know everything in life doesn’t happen without God’s approval for His chosen… you’re a true gallant soldier of Christ Kingdom….. pls accept my sincere condolence and Victorious shout unto glory of your amiable virtuous wife and mother of your adorable kids… I celebrate you and music grace ….. Hallelujah.

  4. From the first day i listened to ‘BRETHE’,i began a journey of listening to Dunsin Oyekan’s ministration on Youtube.The songs are inspiring & they draw me to my knees asking for more of the Spirit. I ask that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire you, Dunsin, unto greater glory.
    The Lord will heal the wound of losing your better half & comfort you & the children on all sides. God bless you for releasing yourself to be a vessel of honour; you shall not loose your reward in Jesus name.

  5. Your song has been an inspiration from listening to Open Up to BREATHE. The later worship song is more or less part of me that l listen to daily . It has brought to life so many dead situations .
    Dunsin, l bless God for you. The God who knows the end from the beginning will keep you and children, continue to comfort you at the demise of your loving wife ijn.
    You are a blessing to this generation. Remain strong in Christ Jesus.

  6. I recently started listening to Dunsin’s worship music on utube when breathe touched me and now look his songs have given me a deep desire to know Jesus Christ in a deeper way through worship and I am revived spiritually by the anointing coming through his music. He is a genuine servant of the most high God and he has a special calling and make the Lord comfort him and his children always as he continues to fix his eyes upon Jesus Christ even during his wife’s departure to glory.?

  7. Mr Dunsin you are blessed and you are an instrument in Gods hands. Your songs brings me closer to God and I feel blessed whenever I listened to them. More grace sir more inspirations more wisdom.

  8. You are an overcomer, because you have VICTORY IN CHRIST …..I love your songs….#IMOLEDE. #BREATHE. # YOU ARE AMAZING. # FRAGRANCE TO FIRE….and lots more ?????

    You are holy spirit personified ???

  9. May The Almighty God comfort and uphold you. You shall not slip nor fall. He will shield you and the children from wolves in sheep skin and those who will be parading themselves before you showing ‘concern’ for you and the children at this time. The Lord shall uproot every weed around you in Jesus’s Name. I am always blessed with your ministrations. God bless you immensely in Jesus’s Name

  10. A true legend. You are God’s vessel used Mightily. So saddened by your wife’s death but it’s Heaven’s gain. Your songs keep me focused and just love them. God bless you richly Amen

  11. Dunsin Oyekan, you are a special gift from God to the world. You are too much. Your anointing will never go dry and you will never be too proud of yourself. Your songs keep me connected to God. More grace and anointing.

  12. Tears gust out of my eyes by force after reading how you met your wife and now reading wife is dead yet you continue serving God.. same time I’m listening to your song FOREVER on the repeat its real we forever be in God’s presence. Your songs made me love God more. God bless you and keep you and family strong for the loss.

  13. Hmmmmm. I am speechless when I saw “Dusin Oyekan wife’s death”. Its like I did not see well. I never expect such would have happen in his life. Hmmmm.

    I think I got to know Dusin Oyekan probably late 2020. I wasn’t so keen about his music initially but the day i heard “YAH THE HALLOWED ONE” I fell in love with the song and all his songs.

    “Bro Dusin, you are an Inspiration to me. By His grace Im also a music minister who had started earlier but still trusting God to come to limelight. I really felt sorry for the demise of your wife. Only God can perfectly console you. please continue to be strong. You are a rare gem! may your never go down in Jesus name.

  14. A prophet that we call a Musician.. Should i call what you render songs or revelations? Deep things that revived me, making me love God more by the day and have a clearer understanding of His Word.
    When i learnt that you had lost your wife some years ago, i got endeared to you and Lord Jesus the more, seeing a true believer whose love for God did not flinch despite the blow. You are indeed an Overcomer, a Model, a Paradigm in every sense- I also finished from Unilorin.
    May this good faithful Lord of ours, keep and preserve you and yours unto the end brother. May you move from glory to glory as you break barriers, remove the veils, unite believers and raise more army for the kingdom of our precious Father.

  15. Your ministrations has been blessings to my growth.

    I pray the Lord’s presence never depart from you sir 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

    I’m a drummer girl looking forward to meet you some day


  16. I recently knw about you just last year. Your song has been one of what has been holding me in the Lord.
    I was in the Lord but lost due to earthly things but since my encounter with God through the G.O of Dominion City and my encounter with GUC at the program in my school UNN my life has changed.
    I was suffering from addiction of maturation and pornograhic. Bit now I am free.
    I am a gosple singer and have songs which were given to me by God.
    I had always wanted to be a gosple singer from my childhood, maybe that’s why the devil tried all things possible to stop me but thank GOD I am free indeed.
    Your song also give me alot of motivations in Christ.
    Thank God for you
    Mr Dusin Oyekan


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