Edo State Billionaire Francis Anabor Biography and Life Story

What happened to Francis Anabor Godwin who was once known a billionaire in city. He gained recognition for his luxurious way of living, his charitable endeavors, and his impact on society. Goddy Anabor is now working as a taxi driver after his fall in the recent years. In an interview, he elaborated on the unfortunate circumstances leading to his downfall. He was a successful businessman in country who expanded his business in different sectors.

He told in a report that he invested big amount of of his money in business, but the businesses suffered downfall and loss due to corruption and mismanagement by the individuals in charge. Let’s know more former billionaire Francis Anabor life and his tragic downfall story.

Who is Francis Anabor Godwin?

Francis Anabor is a businessman who made billions from his investments and job. He was born to a poor farmer family in Fugar, Edo State. Now he is working as a taxi driver or conductor for survival. His age is in between 55 to 60 years.

His past life years were full of challenges and obstacles. But he faced many ups and downs throughout his journey. He was one of the richest man in Nigeria.

Francis Anabor business and life

Francis Anabor possessed a collection of expensive cars, a private jet, and multiple real estate holdings in Nigeria. He invested into different ventures and sectors. Also he helped his community. He also donated huge money to the charity and non-profit organizations.

Francis Anabor wife and married life

Francis Anabor was married twice in his life. His first ex-wife name is Toyin. But they got separated later after few years due to personal reasons. His second wife name is Anthonia whom he met at the police station. She was a sergeant and lived with Francis for many years.

Francis took divorce from his first in 2008 when his downfall in businessman began. Many thinks that his close allies cheated him in business and life which resulted in Francis Anabor tragic downfall.

He has four children with his wife Anthonia.

Francis Anabor Net Worth

The Francis Anabor’s current net worth is unknown. He is only earning money for living. He is no more a rich personality in Edo State but caught everyone’s attention in the city due to his generous and humble behavior. Hope that things will become smooth for him in future. Get more latest news on YouLaif.

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