How to Watch Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Online

The Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris is held on every first Sunday of the year, at 4:00 pm.

There are several Christ Embassy churches all over the world that stream this service online.

In this post, we will talk about some of the ways this streaming can be done.

Christ Embassy Official Websites

Here is a list of some official Christ Embassy on which the communion service is being streamed. Note that this website is appropriate for you either of you want to stream alone or you want to project for the whole church to watch. They all can be accessed with a laptop to which you can connect a projector and stream for your church members.

1. Pastor Chris Online

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has an official website on which all live events are streamed, the Monthly communion service with Pastor Chris streams on it. Other events like the Pray-A-Thon also stream on it. See the URL below.

2. Healing Streams TV

Christ Embassy has an official online TV that is used for streaming the Live Healing Streams Service with Pastor Chris. On communion days, this TV shows the communion service and you can comfortably watch the service on it without glitches. The URL is below.

3. Cloveworld

This is one of the very first major platforms of the Loveworld Nation. It functions both as a website and as an app. From the Cloveworld website, you can connect to all of the Loveworld TV stations and watch the Global Communion Service with them. Some of the TV stations on it are LoveWorld Arabic, LoveWorld Euro, LoveWorld Pacifics, Loveworld Asia, Loveworld CASA, Lovetoons TV, Loveworld Italian TV. See the URL of the Cloveworld below.

4. Live TV Mobile

Christ Embassy has a LIve TV app which is available on the Loveworld App store. It is also available in the play store. Thankfully, there is a web version that you can access on the laptop and project on a screen. See the URL below.

5. Loveworld USA

Loveworld USA is one of the TV channels of the Loveworld Nation. The communion service with Pastor Chris is always shown on the channel on the first Sunday of every month. See the URL to connect below

6. Loveworld TV

This is one of the Loveworld TV Stations on which the Global communion with Pastor Chris is streamed. See the URL below.

7. Loveworld SAT

8. Loveworld Plus

9. Hello Loveworld

10. Loveworld India

11. Loveworld Persia

12. Loveworld Mena


The Pastor Chris Digital Library TV is a great source to listen to excerpts of Pastor Chris’ Messages. On the day of Communion, the service is normally streamed on this online TV.

14. Lovetoons

If you are looking for a Christian children cartoon, this website is a rich source for all children. It functions both as a TV and children comics can also be streamed on it. Interestingly, this TV also streams the global communion service with Pastor Chris. See the link below.

Online Radio Stations

The Loveworld Nation has hundreds of online radio stations that all stream the Global Communion Service. Radio might not be appropriate for streaming to a church congregation. However, you can tune into the communion service while you are on your way to the church. Here are some of the radio stations that stream the Global communion service with Pastor Chris.

1. Cetunes

Cetunes is more like a ‘radio of radios’. On Cetunes, you can connect to any of the several radios that Christ Embassy owns and all of them will be streaming the communion service. You can download the Cetune app from the Loveworld app store ( from the play store or the apple store.

Cetunes is also available as a website at


Loveworld radio is available on the Cetunes app but it exists as an app on its own. All Loveworld apps can be downloaded from the Loveworld app store. You can also download this radio app from the play store and the apple store.

Loveworld Apps

There are several Loveworld apps on which the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris is being streamed. This may however not be comfortable for streaming to a church congregation. Below is a list of some of the apps.

1. Live TV Mobile

The Live TV Mobile app features all the Loveworld stations. From this app, you can connect to any Loveworld TV station on which the communion service will definitely be streamed. You can download this app from the Loveworld app store, play store and apple store. This app also functions as a website a

2. Pastor Chris Digital Library

The official library contains most of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s messages. This app also has a TV on it called PCDL. The TV shows excerpts from Pastor’s messages and the communion service is streamed on it every first Sunday of the month.

Third Party Social Media Platforms

These platforms are not owned by Christ Embassy and it is not advisable to stream from them. Some of them do have policies that can hamper the message of truth that is being preached by the Loveworld Nations. Many times, we have witnessed a live stream being terminated just because Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said something that they are not okay with especially during the Your Loveworld series. When you use their platform, they reserve the right to do whatever they want but when you use a Loveworld platform you do have a rest of mind. A particular channel that publishes Pastor Chris’ content on Youtube was brought down last year with all the videos they have uploaded deleted.

In light of this, you are strongly advised to use ministry platforms. If for some reason you are not able to do that these are some alternatives with which you can stream.


There are a few Youtube channels that consistently stream the Global Communion Service. I advise that you subscribe to their channel and turn on notifications so that you will get a notification when there is a Live stream of the communion service from anyone of them. It is good to have many alternatives, in case one goes off you can switch to the other. This list is not in any way comprehensive, I only gathered the ones I have monitored personally. Some of these channels are as well officially handled by some members of the Loveworld Nation so they have some credibility. Here is a list:

1. Pastor Chris – Worth Hearing

2. Pastor Chris Healing School Official

3. WatchPastorChris

4. Rhapsody of Realities Official Channel


Some Facebook pages also consistently stream the communion service. I advise that you like the pages and follow them. Here is a list of some of them. Remember that this is not a comprehensive list, there are several others that stream the service but these are the ones I can recommend at the moment of this writing and these ones are official handles of some Loveworld departments/arms.

1. Christ Embassy

This page is simply called ‘Christ Embassy’, it seems to be handled by the Cloveworld team.

2. Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional

3. Affirmation Train

4. Loveworld SAT

Anyway how you choose to stream the communion service, the most important thing is that you concentrate fully. Open your mind to receive everything that God has for you. Do not take any of the segments lightly, sing when you are asked to, pray when you are asked to. It is also very important that you are punctual. Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris is a special service and anything can happen during the service. People receive their healings, miracles happen, Pastor answers people’s questions directly and very importantly, we receive the word for the month.

If you encounter any challenge while streaming or you need help in setting up your church’s streaming you can contact me through my number below. If you also need a download link let me know as well.

Lastly, has this post been helpful to you? Please let me know in the comment box, it will mean a lot to me if you do.

Thank you in advance and thank you for reading this far.

I love you.

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