Gumball Voice star Nicolas Cantu vs Dream fight drama explained!

What happened between Nicolas Cantu and Dream. Their fight video takes over social media which made fans worried about it. Let’s know in deep of the controversy between Dream and Gumball Watterson’s voice actor. Twitch streamer Nicolas Cantu is very popular for his voice acting role and Minecraft content. His content creator Clay “Dream” has come up with terrible accusations that are going to have serious impact probably on his life. Nicolas Cantu is popular for his voice actor role in Skull Island which is a Netflix animated series, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is under the clear scrutiny of the Twitch online community. As soon as Clay came up with his past toxicity, and tirades.

Nicolas Cantu facing allegations

With details coming up about the events between these two individuals Nicolas Cantu and Clay things are going to turn downhill. Nicolas Cantu is quite a person who has got a rocky past history and that is why it is difficult to handle him. Clay has said that Nicolas Cantu has physically assaulted him which has led to some to and fro comments. The verbal war has cracked the people who follow both of them. This allegation is very huge and things need to be seen properly as of now.

Nicolas Cantu denied allegations

Cantu dream

Nicolas Cantu has taken to the social media platforms to confirm that he has actually slapped that guy but he said that is a predator. He has denied that he used any racist remark. He told in Twitter that Clay is a very retarded person and even the Uber driver he had slapped. He talked about their literacy level. In one of his posts, Nicolas Cantu has also accepted that he was toxic, but claimed that all the claims made by Clay are completely false.

Also Cantu took to Twitter to explain his side and apologized for his actions and statements. Also private messages were shared to Twitter from both sides which sparked new controversy and reactions from fans.

What happened so far between Dream and Cantu?

Nicolas Cantu is a popular voice actor who is known by nickname nicolasCAN2. He has 299K followers on Instagram. Dream is a popular YouTuber and Minecraft player who hosts millions of followers on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Fans from both sides came in support to the creators and wants to end this drama soon. Already YouTuber Dream denied all the allegations against him which are surfacing on social media.

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