Hongkongdoll face reveal, age and real name

Who is actress Hongkongdoll and her face reveal? Did the Chinese internet sensation revealed her identity or not? Hongkongdoll is quite a popular streamer and model. She has got good base in Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. She has got a lot of fans who like her works but not many actually know her by her face! Is not it surprising? Well, to be honest no because she has never revealed her face and you can see mostly in Instagram, she shows her face with masks on it. She is a supremely talented model. If you are one of them who knows her then you might be knowing that she has got more than 600k followers.

Who is Hongkongdoll?

Hongkongdoll is an emerging talent and influencer from China who works as a model and actress. She is an adult actress works in the entertainment industry. Hongkongdoll hails from Shanghai but currently lives in Hong Kong with her family. The influencer rose to fame through her Twitter social media account @HongKong_Doll and gained popularity with her daily content. She was born on 1 August 1994 in China. 

Hongkongdoll received millions of views but had not yet shared her real identity with followers and fans.

Hongkongdoll face reveal

Hongkongdoll has recently revealed her face and her fans are loving it. When she was showing her face in her face revealing video recently in a YouTube video in her channel, there were a huge number of fans who were seeing it live.

She is a lady who loves to model and share her pictures in Instagram. She has preferred to showcase her styles with mask. She loves the black mask but finally this face reveal has ended the curiosity of her amazing fans. She is a very humble lady and always loves to talk to her fans in an enjoyable way.

Hongkongdoll movies and net worth

The star Hongkongdoll had appeared in the short movies and videos. She is an influencer and content creator. Her video content is only available to subscribed and premium users. The Hongkongdoll net worth is estimated as $100K to $800K. She earns through multiple sources like from advertisements, sponsorships and promotions.

It has been revealed that YouTuber had solidified her position in entertainment industry and streaming world. The 27-year old model left China and moved to USA to work in the entertainment industry after getting success in adult movie industry. 

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