Is Fabio Quartararo gay? Boyfriend or partner Ethan Doux

Is Fabio Quartararo married or not? What is his girlfriend name? Fabio Quartararo who is a MotoGP racer remains always in news for some or other reasons. If you are the fan of this legendary professional motorcycle rider, then this is the exact post that you should look at. He is a very known face in the racing world and has always amazed his fans through his biking skills.

Fabio Quartararo has got the looks and style to compliment his high style biking. He has been a regular rider since a long time before becoming professional to gain good results in the motorcycle circuit. He is a guy who has always been straight to the point even in many interviews. His fans are more curious to know his personal life and love partner name.

Fabio Quartararo age

This legendary guy from France was born on April 20, 1999, and his current age now in 2023 is 22 years old only. He is around 5 feet 10 inches tall and has always been appreciated for good physique that is needed in biking. He has been rumored to be dating many people around him but rarely he has opened up about his dating life or if you are speaking overall then personal life.

Fabio has maintained silence about his personal life always as expected from a celebrity of his status who prefers privacy.

Fabio Quartararo partner Ethan Doux

The social media reacted shocking when they came to know about racer’s boyfriend Ethan. Fans congratulated Fabio after he shared his boyfriend officially on his Instagram. Netizens took no time to guess his connection with Ethan.

This French motorbiking legend is said to be gay by many rumors but we do not have confirmed reports if he is gay, bisexual, or straight. He has never disclosed anything about this matter at all. He is a man who is enjoying his biking and is reaching his peak as of now. He has always preferred to stay professional while taking interviews, very usually.

Fabio Quartararo Net Worth

Fabio Quartararo is a well known French racer and professional rider who competes in MotoGP tournaments. He holds multiple winning title of the tournament (popular one is 2021 MotoGP World Championship).

The Fabio Quartararo’s net worth is $6.5 million and his annual salary is around $550K. He has massive fans following on Instagram (2 million followers) which helps him to collaboration with big brands and sponsorships.

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