Is Moana 2 going to be transgender movie? Fact Check

Will there be Moana 2: Rise of Kai movie? The latest news which is making buzz on social media is related to Disney’s upcoming movie Moana 2. It has been claimed in one of the reports that Disney is going to introduce Moana as the first transgender Disney princess. Is it really true or just a rumored gossip? Let’s unveil the truth behind the claim. Disney keeps experimenting new ideas with public’s reactions and fans response. After release multiple flops on big screen, Disney trying to reclaim its crown on big screen of animated kids movies. Has Disney made any official announcement for Moana sequel or not?

Disney’s Moana 2 movie

Disney had not made any official announcement for the release of Moana 2 movie. They had previously announced four upcoming animated movies which includes Zootopia 2, Toy Story 5 and Frozen 3 but they didn’t mentioned about Moana sequel. It is believe that Disney is working on its sequel part but no confirmed insider report yet.

The original movie which was released in 2016 featured director David G. Derrick Jr. The sequel movie will continue the young lady princess story named Moana. The movie will be featured on Disney+ production if its part 2 gets an official release.

Moana 2: Rise of Kai is not official

We would like to inform our readers that Moana 2: Rise of Kai is not an official title movie from Disney. It is just a fake report or rumor circulating on social media. Mouse Trap News had first published this report and claimed that Moana 2 is going to be Disney’s first transgender movie. The titled the movie as ‘Rise of Kai‘ mentioning that Moana will be transformed into Kai (trans character). This is not true, it’s just a fun report which confused the Disney fans. This made many fans feel upset making them post reactions on social media discussions. In the past, the media had also such fake reports about Disney which proved false. Hence, Moana 2 is not going to be transgender movie.

Is Moana 2 coming or not?

No official announcements yet made from Disney’s side for the release of Moana 2 movie. Disney might be working to continue the story of Disney princess Moana in the sequel part. Also no teaser or poster has been released for the movie.

According to the timeline for the Disney+ series, the movie may get an official release after few years. No hints for its release till next year.

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