Is Mr Tumble arrested? Justin Fletcher criminal record and case

Did Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble get arrested? What happened to him? What allegations Mr Tumble is facing? With the rise of popularity Mr Tumble has been recently taking over to social media due to new allegations and charges. He is a very well-known character and he has been always a beast who can easily destroy the whole world with his pinky. This character is pretty well-known and has been part of many horrific crime history and you must have seen in a few of the stories for sure! He appeared for the first time in The Peppa Pig Games: Five Nights at Butch’s and after that his popularity has always been on a rise. In recent times people have asked if he is a nonce and the answer for it can be found in this post.

Is Mr Tumble a nonce? What we know about him?

Mr Tumble is known by a lot of children all over the world. It is no secret that he is a very iconic character. The major question in the mind of the people is that he is a nonce. In history, many people have agreed that he is a nonce. Talking about history, this character was arrested in March 2004 because he destroyed a universe. Now it provides a scare mark on this character.

Mr Tumble and baseless claims

The arrest claims are very baseless as there are no facts that are properly supporting. He had actually broken the prison on the same day he was arrested when he was taken to jail in January 2008. This time it was a case of being ped$phile. He was a major suspect. Tumble even had done mass murder in France. In 2022, it is said that he has evaded tax but none know what is true as of now. He still does not pay tax and has somehow escaped jail again.

Justin Fletcher had commented that the allegations against him are baseless. Many claims are just speculations this year because none of them proved yet. Also, Mr Tumble has not arrested.

Justin Fletcher’s professional career

Justin Fletcher is very famous for Mr Tumble character. He is an English actor who is known for creating iconic characters and roles among children. He won the BAFTA Children’s Awards for his work.

He got huge love and fans following among children because of the iconic character Mr Tumble. Justin Fletcher is also a professional voice actor.

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