Is Ty Burrell dead or alive? Rumors spread after missing ‘Modern Family’ Reunion

Ty Burrell is an actor whose dead rumors are spreading over social media when fans found him missing from ‘Modern Family’ Reunion. The actor is popularly known for his portrayal of Phil Dunphy role in the popular television series “Modern Family”. He was one of the lead characters in the sitcom series. The show ran from 2009 to 2020 on ABC network. Sofia Vergara who played role in sitcom took to social media to share photos of first reunion with her fans. The fans found Ty Burrell missing from the scene and it raised many questions in the minds of the fans. So what happened to actor Ty Burrell?

Ty Burrell’s death news is fake

Many posts on social media spreading fake rumors about the Burrell. The rumor of Ty Burrell’s death has caused panic among fans. The fact is that Ty Burrell is alive and fine.

All confused raised when Ariel Winter who played onscreen role of Ty Burrell’s daughter in sitcom was seen holding a framed photograph of the actor in the reunion picture shared by Sofia Vergara. It looked like they were at memorial moment.

It is just confusion and fake news that actor Ty Burrell is dead.

Ty Burrell wife and family

Ty Burrell is a 56-years old professional actor who acted in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. He is mainly known for playing role in ABC’s sitcom comedy series Modern Family. He played an iconic role of Phil Dunphy in the show. He had also received Outstanding Supporting Actor award for this comedy show.

Ty is married to Holly Burrell in 2000. The couple has two children Frances Burrell and Greta Burrell.

The Ty Burrell’s net worth is $21 million in 2023.

How fans reacted to the news?

The pictures and videos of the “Modern Family” reunion made fans happy but missing of Ty Burrell from the event was quite shocking for many fans.

Instagram fans went shocked and concerned after the news broke out on the social media. Many posted sad reactions on the post and shared their feelings of panic.

Ty Burrell is alive and healthy. The stars of “Modern Family” have shown their commitment to being there for each other whenever the occasion comes. They remembered the actor at the reunion.

Yet we don’t know the exact reason why actor Ty Burrell was missing from the reunion event. It is obvious that fans missed him a lot and want to see him again with cast.

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