Is Xiao Xiao dead? Tiktok star death news take over social media

What happened to Tiktok viral star Xiao Xiao? Is she dead? The fans seems to be worried after some posts on Twitter claimed the death of Xiao Xiao. Multiple social media accounts posted the news but no official source confirmed it yet. The Chinese social media star is quite viral on Tiktok for her funny videos and clips. The death rumors of Xiao Xiao took over to social media after netizens reacted to the posts and paid tribute to viral girl. It’s hard to believe because it looks like the rumors of death circulating on the internet.

Who is Xiao Xiao?

Xiao Xiao is a 35-year-old Chinese woman who is famous on Tiktok and other social media platforms. She faces physical challenges (visibility) due to medical condition. Fans turned her clips into a meme material which made her famous on social media.

Xiao Xiao has unfortunately become the subject of digital content as memes for the western countries. They refer her as “Dobby,” using videos of her for memes and reactions. Also the same trend is being followed in Japan.

Users make different clips and videos taking her reference in meme to ridicule her.

Xiao Xiao on Tiktok

Xiao Xiao is a famous personality figure on Tiktok. Her videos grabbed millions of views and likes this year. She is suffering from a disorder condition which is called microcephaly. In September 2023, Xiao Xiao gained widespread attention and became an online viral sensation. Chinese influencers collaborated with her to make more fun videos and content on Tiktok.

The viral videos of Xiao Xiao made her to gain millions of followers and sympathy on social media.

Also her videos raised concerns among fans because sometimes she didn’t want to be filmed but but caretakers agitating her for making content and clips. Tiktok girl got massive fan base on the social media platform from around the world.

What happened to Xiao Xiao?

The news of the passing away of Chinese social media star Xiao Xiao sparked a flurry of responses on Twitter and Tiktok. The fans expressed their disbelief and sadness to the news. It is quite heartbreaking for many of her fans. The social media feeds are filled with the news but no official source had confirmed it.

There is no verified confirmation and statement from family yet regarding the TikTok star Xiao Xiao death. We hope that her health condition is good and reply to social media soon.

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