Ther’re messages being sent to people that Covid is real.

Those sending these messages should also send the actual description of this Pathogen.
Let us know where it was isolated, purified and it’s certain characteristics.

Most of you live in a very different climatic environment from Europe and America.
It’s time for African leaders to think differently and wisely
How do you think that those who throughout history have despised and used you, will produce vaccines to save your life.
Don’t you understand Eugenics?.
I’m appalled that many African, business and industry leaders who are expecting vaccines from nowhere… Or from abroad… Which most of those vaccines are clearly labeled (not for distribution in the EU, USA and Canada)
It’s about time you wake up.
So much money has been borrowed from African countries for the purchase of vaccines.
Some were threatened to borrow this money. Truth is, you will never be able to pay back.
Ask yourself, ‘how many African countries have been able to pay back funds borrowed from the IMF’.
The IMF was created to give aids to correct microeconomic imbalances. But review historical accounts, these aids always put the countries in bondage.
When they are about to come out,they review their currencies.

These purchase of vaccines that you are about to make with billions of dollars, is for a final enslavement. You are ceding out your land.
People don’t read the details of the loans that they are about to sign. ..this is the terrible situation that many Governments have found themselves in right now.

Sending messages that covid is real, is a deception. It’s just like saying sickness is real.
Covid has a cheap cure and they know it. .it is not the deadly killer that they make it to be.
Malaria is more deadly than Covid…and there is a cure for Malaria.
Cities, nations and economies were not locked down and decimated because of Malaria.

They know that covid is not so dangerous. .
The reason many people died, was because they were left to die of other sicknesses, not the covid itself. .
It is Rare to find individuals that died of Only Covid and nothing else.
Tens of thousands of Doctors have stated that they were told to write up every case that came in, as Covid.

The owners of Google are part of this fraud. That’s why when you use Google to search for information, it is edited.

I told you that these isolation centres will be turned into detention centres. Now in the state of New York, they are about to sign it into law.
In the document, if you are SUSPECTED to have a disease, the government officials have a right to move you into the “DETENTION CENTRES”.

This whole thing is satanic. I shared with you during the prayer program where Christianity was classified as an infectious disease.

What you are dealing with, is not the ordinary day to day thing that you see. It’s prophetic from the scriptures. He tells us who is behind it.

If you are helping to make this happen, you are only helping to support Satan’s work.
This is the reason they want churches closed.

Human beings are gregarious beings. They must gather. So if you stop them from gathering, you are removing what makes them humans.

It’s time to be wise with God.
If you cannot stand up today and make the wise decision today, it will make it difficult for others.

Why are many learned people falling for this?
Because they are deceived by Satan.
In the last days, many people inspire of their intelligence, will act as fools. They will destroy themselves and their own nation’s.
Do you know how much each country that locked down lost???
They won’t come back to normal.

I call on you to be a prayerful Christian. If you never knew how to pray, you must learn how to do it. Because man is about to destroy himself.

The Rapture is about to take place. Those who are left behind will face a time of tribulation like man has never known.

From the 25th to 31st of January, we will have a special program on Your Loveworld. Clear your schedule and plan for it.
It will be on Loveworld stations and on LiveTV mobile app.

Prepare yourself because these are the days that the scripture already warned us about.

It is the year of preparation. What might this mean?

You’ve heard what our Pastors have shared with you.

In Psalm 127:1
If God doesn’t prepare you, you cannot prepare yourself.
Get yourself in the word of God.
Let the word of God build you up. You can’t prepare yourself without it.

When I tell you the message of the year, I’m no trying to give you a theme for the year.
It was the spirit of God,leading and guiding and instructing me about the year…and his plan.

He says it is the year of preparation.

Just to help you understand a couple of things when we are talking about preparation…. I want to read to you some very prophetic ministrations of Jesus.

First, Matthew 26:11

Remember in chapter 23, ending part, Jesus wept over Jerusalem. In chapter 24, he spoke of the end of all things, the kingdom coming, the destruction of Jerusalem, the tribulation.

Then in 25th chapter, he discussed same thing in parables and the judgement.

In this 26th chapter, he suddenly moves into this…
V2: You know that AFTER 2 DAYS is the feast of the Passover.

In the program Your loveworld, I explained what this means.
The Passover isn’t the Passover in Egypt.
He was speaking about a Passover…
The first Passover took place in Exodus 12… Well described for us.

Exodus 12:9-14
He said ‘i will pass through Egypt tonight and I will execute Judgement on the Egyptians and the gods of Egypt’.

Passover is an event of Judgement. It wasn’t about eating of the lamb. .. eating of the lamb was to save them, so they wouldn’t be destroyed. Every year, they were told to eat the Passover. It was a commemoration that judgement passed over their houses and destroyed the Egyptians.

Luke 22: 16
He had gathered his disciples and told them to go prepare. When they gathered, Jesus made some significant statements.
V15- He had desired to eat it with them before he suffered.

This was a very prophetic event.
Jesus gave them signs.

He told them to get ready for the gathering in the evening
The disciples got ready earlier in the day before they met in the Evening.

I will not eat of the Passover till it be Fulfilled in the kingdom of God. That means, Until that Judgement takes place.

Again, there is going to be a preparation and a gathering.
Remember, the suffering of Jesus was for the world. The world was judged in the suffering of Jesus.

Now, he is telling us there is going to be another judgement but this time, he won’t be suffering for them.

V18- He said he will not drink of the fruit of the vine until when the kingdom shall come.
He is saying He will only drink of the Fruit of the vine when the kingdom is established in Jerusalem.

We are in a very important timing.
We are about to get into Revelations chapter 19.
God deals with times and seasons.

There are certain times when God’s times and seasons coincide with men’s timing in the earth.

This is the year of Preparation. We are right now in sync of God’s perfect timing.
He had to bring us to a place of his perfect place and timing.

Revelation 19:1
This is where we are right now.
It is the preparation of the gathering.
It is referring to our gathering into him as seen in 2 Thess 2.

Rev 19: 1-
I dealt with the book if Revelation chapter to chapter, and verse to verse some months ago.
V7-9: very remarkable.

Who is this wife of the Lamb? Who is this Bride of Christ? He is referring to a city which Includes the church and other groups. these are God’s righteous people in different generations.
We are this final special group, that is called, the body of Christ.

Preparation is being made for the catching away of the church.
We are seeing something that God is planning; this is the hour of the church…and we are getting ready.
You have to be bold in your spirit, serve God with all your heart and serve God from within
Because EVERYONE MUST BE TESTED. Your faith must be tried.
If you are a Christian in the Media, or a Christian politician, refuse to tell lies. Nothing is good enough for you to sell your soul.

Stand for truth. If you lose your job for it, it doesn’t matter.
Don’t find yourself fighting against the Lord. You can’t win.

Surely, the Lord is coming soon. All these things happening around the world are all signs of his coming.
Be prepared.
It is a year of Preparation.

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