Kamakaze Biography and Age, pro soccer player turns into rapper lifestyle

Meet Matt Robinson who is the trending musical artist, known by the name “Kamakaze”. But before he was a professional soccer player. He is known for his rap songs, and as per the information, he has released his 5 albums. His latest album “Shot” ranked into the music charts. He is both as football player and music artist. As a music artist, he started his career in year 2013 with single album on social media. he has stored the heard of millions of people through his voice or singing skills. In his recent interview, he revealed his experience and transition in life as a professional soccer player on pitch to a music artist in studio. His fans supported him in his new career and skills. Kamakaze adopted the rap music career along with sports career.

Who is Kamakaze?

Kamakaze is the stage name of Matt Robinson. In the world of the music industry, he has earned lots of name and fame with his singing skills. He has been singing for many year as a passion. He has sung a number of songs, and so far he has released 5 albums. You might know but he is also a footballer, he wanted to be a professional footballer but at the turns of his life, he has been pretty popular in the singing industry.

Kamakaze Age

Name: Matt Robinson
Date of Birth: November 12
Birthplace: England
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: Rapper (former soccer player)
Nationality: British

Kamakaze Career

He has been one of the most eminent personalities, who is getting trendy these days on the social media. He is known for his different style of singing and his selection of words. One of the most successful albums is Over Money. In his career, he has also performed as a footballer on the ground in the youth System at Leicester City. Even he has also represented England on the international level.

According to his profile data, he is 27 years old at present, he looks amazing and has a dashing personality. His height is 6 feet 2 inches and his weight is 80 kg, being a popular face, he has a number of fans on his social media handles.

How much is Kamakaze net worth?

Kamakaze is an English rapper, who is getting the name and fame through his skills. He is recognized for his best album Over Money. He was born in Leicester England. His Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

The net worth of Kamakaze is expected around $467K in 2023.

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