Rhapsody of Realities Teevo 11th Fberuary, 2021;


(Mentally Rehearse And Practise The Word)

TO THE BIBLE 1 Timothy 4:15

“Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.”


“Meletao,” the Greek word for “meditate,” has a very interesting and inspiring connotation: to carefully set your mind on something and then contrive. It also means to practise in your mind. 1 Timothy 4:15 says to meditate on God’s Word, that means, set your mind on it, contemplate, contrive, and practise it in your mind.

Meditation on God’s Word will cause you to do what it says; it’ll propel you to action (Joshua 1:8), and the blessing is manifested in the “doing” (James 1:22-25). Imagine practising in your mind the outreach meeting you’re about to hold or practising in your mind the people you’re going to lead to Christ in the coming year! It’s important that you contemplate, contrive and practise God’s Word, and His visions in your mind from time to time.

See yourself walking in the realities of the Word and the visions it creates in your spirit. Begin to contrive and mentally practise it in your mind. See visions of glory, visions of yourself walking in greater levels and dimensions of faith. See yourself charting new frontiers and blazing new trails for the Gospel. Hallelujah! Maybe last year wasn’t exactly the way you expected; don’t be discouraged. Contrive now what you want the future to be.

Remember, you’re the architect of your own life, with the blueprint from your heavenly Father. An architect is able to walk through the length and breadth of a skyscraper in his mind, by reason of his training, even before the foundation of the building is laid. To him, that building is already a reality, even though it may still be on paper.

Likewise, let the image of your glorious life and future be so clear and real in your spirit as you spend time in prayer and meditation (Exodus 26:30; Hebrews 8:5).

Go Deeper

Psalm 1:1-3; Isaiah 26:3; James 1:22-25


Dear Father, my mind is stayed on your infallible Word; therefore, my prosperity through the Word is evident. I’m transformed from glory to glory through the power of your Word, and I see myself making greater progress, taking new territories and charting new frontiers for the Gospel, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading


Matthew 27:27-44, Exodus 40


Acts 17:1-9, Psalm 11-13


Today, contrive how you want your year to be for you with the Word of God.

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