MLM leader Jessie Lee Ward cancer news, death cause and age

A Network Marketing Queen Jessie Lee passed away die to cancer. As we all know a network marketing leader was Jessie Lee Ward. She was also very well-known as a business coach, podcast host and social media influencer. At the same time, she was also the ambassador when it comes to Pruvit. It is a nutrition supplement company which is mainly selling products related to ketone. The best part is she had a huge team of marketing and more than twenty thousand promotors she has across different countries. On the other hand, we also got an opportunity to witness her of the top influential women in America on Forbes. Jesse was an inspiration model for the young woman’s in the marketing industry.

MLM star Jessie Lee Ward

Also, Jesse was highly popular as a leading network marketer globally and she has achieved various goals and success when it comes to social media marketing. When you check out her life journey, she was struggling financially and later she reached high and met so much of successes in her life. The best thing was she guided various aspirants to run their businesses. Yes, in a short span of time, she achieved great status and inspired millions of them globally in different marketing ways.

Jesse Lee Ward was only 35 years old and was suffering from fourth stage cancer.

Career and awards

When it comes to honors and awards, in 2014, she was also recognized as a Pure Romance Sr. Board of Directors member. Yes, she was a member at Pure Romance and also a testament to her who contributed in huge numbers in the respective industry. Furthermore, she also served as an Advisory Board Member when it came to slumber parties in March 2012. Along with that, we got to know that she had a part in network marketing.

Jessie Lee Ward is a big influencer on Instagram with over 351K followers. She was one of the top earner in the MLM field.

Jessie Lee Ward Obituary

Recently, the shocking news of Jessie Lee passing on September 16, 2023 went viral among her followers and made them shock. Due to stage 4 colon cancer, Jessie suffered a lot since March 2023 and went for surgery to remove the colon. She also chose various alternative ways to recover. However, Jesse passed away, and made her followers more emotional. Now, people are mourning for this beautiful soul. Also, people are submitting comments across various social media platforms on her death.

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