Mo Tautuaa’s wife Aida heated argument with Calvin Abueva, how fans reacted?

After Game Two of the PBA 48th Season Commissioner’s Cup finals between San Miguel and Magnolia, a big argument happened. Basketball players Calvin Abueva and Mo Tautuaa, along with their wives, argued a lot. This all unfolded in the busy hallway of the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Abueva and his wife tried to talk to Tautuaa and his wife, but the coaches and security quickly stopped things from getting worse. They stepped in to make sure everyone calmed down and things stayed under control. Let’s know in detail that actually happened after the game.

Making things even more tense, Abueva, who used to play with Tautuaa on the same team for Gilas Pilipinas, made things worse by challenging Tautuaa to a physical fight. The argument didn’t just involve the players but it also included their wives, making the situation even more unusual after the game. Aida, Tautuaa’s wife, shared her side of the story on Twitter. She said the issue began when she walked past Abueva on her way to the restroom.

Mo Tautuaa

According to Aida, Abueva smirked at her, did inappropriate things, and tried to be scary. However, Abueva strongly denied these claims, saying it was actually Tautuaa’s wife who disrespected him as he was leaving the arena.

The tension got even higher when Abueva intentionally fouled Tautuaa early in the fourth quarter of the game. When Abueva went back to the bench, he started arguing with San Miguel coach Jorge Gallent. This argument led to both Abueva and Gallent getting technical fouls, making the situation more controversial. This all happened after an important Game Two, where San Miguel won 109-85 against Magnolia, giving them a 2-0 lead in the finals.

Apart from the game, the intense argument made people worry about how players behave and act professionally in the PBA. It made everyone think more about how players should show respect on and off the court. The incident started conversations not just about the game’s result but also about the importance of acting professionally and being respectful in the league.

The players got mixed reactions after the video shared on the social media. It was an unexpected incident who got criticized on social media.

Moala Delvalle Tautuaa Jr. is a professional Filipino-Tongan basketball player who has net worth of $35 million. His nationality is American while ethnicity is Filipino-Tongan. Tautuaa’s father name is Moala Sr. and mother name is Romanita (née Del Valle).

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