Nurul Aini husband Sofian Roslan video with Fatin Amira sparks new cheating controversy

Sofian Roslan, husband of Nurul Aini spotted with Fatin Amira while checkin in a hotel. Both came out from the same Mercedes car and seen kissing to each other on lips. Allegedly, Sofian is facing cheating allegations to her wife after his video with Fatin Amira emerged on Tiktok. Netizens reacted on social media after pictures of Fatin Amira and Sofian Roslan took over on social media. Let’s explore the relationship of Sofian and Nurul and what happened so far in the ongoing controversy.

Who is Nurul Aini?

Nurul Aini Abdul Rahim who was born on July 23, 1982, is a well-known TV presenter and actress for MediaCorp Suria since 2002, recognized for her role as Durrani in the Channel 5 drama Lion Mums. Beyond her TV career, Nurul is the wife of Sofian Roslan and a proud mother of three. The Singaporean actress has a rich heritage, being of Malay, Peranakan, Pakistani, and Dutch descent.

Sofian Roslan and Nurul Aini controversy, is he dating Fatin Amira?

Nurul Aini had officially commented on her Instagram that her family is going through incredibly difficult time and requested fans to respect her privacy.

After the controversy, Sofian Roslan apologized for it and said that he want to spend rest of his life with family.

Fatin Amira, the lady seen in video with Sofian is also married and her husband name is Khairul Fadly.

Nurul Aini married to Sofian Roslan

Nurul was raised by her single mother, Nurul faced challenges from a young age after her parents’ divorce when she was seven. In a 2015 interview, she shared that her mother, working in a factory, raised her and her four siblings alone. Nurul maintained contact with her biological father, who had remarried and moved to Johor.

Nurul Aini Family

Despite the hardships, she attended East View Secondary School.
Nurul Aini and Sofian Roslan, her husband, started dating when she was 17, eventually getting married in 2008 after eight years of relationship. The couple has three children together as of September 2022. Before her entertainment career took off, Nurul worked in hospitality, notably at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. In 2005, she left her executive position at the hotel to focus entirely on her acting and hosting career.

Nurul Aini professional acting career

Entering show business through a talent competition, Juara, in 2002, where she secured third place, Nurul quickly rose to fame in the Malay television scene. Fluent in Malay, English, and Mandarin, she has appeared in dramas on MediaCorp’s Suria, Channel 5, and Channel 8. Nurul has also been part of overseas productions like Kasih Berbisik and Setulus Janji.

Nurul Aini Net Worth

Apart from her acting career, Nurul co-founded the online fashion business Studiofrost in 2007 and later opened Studio Cafe SG in 2014. However, both ventures faced closures in 2019 and 2016, respectively. In early 2019, Nurul became Estée Lauder’s ambassador, and she is notably active on Instagram with over 182,000 followers.

Additionally, her presence on TikTok gained attention in September 2022 when a video of her confronting a scammer in Mandarin went viral. Despite the challenges she faced, Nurul Aini continues to thrive in various aspects of her life, from her acting career to entrepreneurship and social media presence.

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