Ouro Kronii face reveal, age, real name of virtual creator

Did the famous vtuber Kronii revealed her face or not? Kronii’s face reveal has been a top news for the fans of this virtual YouTuber. There are a few fans who have missed it and they might be curious about what really happen. She came in the YouTube channel in 2021 and her debut made people be curious initially about what she was going to showcase. Her unique videos made people stick to her. She never usually reveals her face and kept it secret to keep things spicy. Many virtual YouTubers prefer to stick to not revealing their face and this virtual YouTuber was one of them. Her debut in 2021 was highly appreciated but her face was something that fans were curious about.

Kronii growing and hinting about face reveal

Kronii debuted on Monday, 23, August, 2021. She made a debut with Hololive- Council and became the third member of it. Kronii had hinted that she will reveal her face while there was peak viewership for her song. That viewership was around 90,000. She started the show with a bang and then ended with the beautiful song of Butterfly. She had started with opening theme song of Japanese version of Digimon adventure series.

Kronii real face

Kronii revealed her face with a bang and many people thought she was joking but when she finally showed her face, all were surprised pleasantly. It is not that just her voice is soft but also his face is looking great. She made a great name for herself and with face revealing thing she is going to reach the next level for sure as you can see her fans going crazy. She is going to be the top virtual YouTuber very soon with the amazing skillset she possesses. If you are curious about her then start seeing her videos now.

kronii age
Ouro Kronii

Ouro Kronii fans and followers

Ouro Kronii is a digital creator who is officially signed to the Hololive platform and unofficially creates content and uploads it to YouTube channel. Konii has 9.2 lakhs subscribers on YouTube channel. She got huge fame worldwide for her digital content creation and amazing voice skills.

Ouro Kronii’s earnings and income

Kronii is an influential virtual tuber who made earnings from Hololive contract and YouTube videos monetization.

The Kronii’s net worth is $357K. She also promotes products and merchandise brands on social media. She shares latest updates with fans on Twitter platform where she has 803K followers (Dec 2023).

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