Paul Lukaitis manager, Tribute poured on The Good Doctor premiere

Who was Paul Lukaitis on the The Good Doctor show? Was he the cast member of the series. During the premiere of the season 7 of famous Tv show ‘The Good Doctor’, ABC paid tribute to Paul on screen who passed away in 2023 (October month). The medical drama remembered him at the event which made viewers asking more abut Paul and his role in the show.

The Good Doctor is an American medical TV show which airs on the ABC network. Paul was one of the crew member and part of the drama series. Let’s read his work and contribution to the show.

Who was Paul Lukaitis?

Paul Lukaitis was the production manager on the show The Good Doctor. He worked with the team for over years. ABC concluded the The Good Doctor Season 7 premiere by paying tribute to Paul Lukaitis, a crew member who sadly passed away on October 26, 2023.

According to the IMDB, Lukaitis was born on July 10, 1959. He was Canadian who had worked as a manager and actor to the entertainment industry. He is known for working for in ‘Alone in the Dark (2005)’ and ‘Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)’.

Lukaitis was 64 years old at the time of death.

Paul Lukaitis’s career as manager

Paul Lukaitis was married and his wife name is Margaret Yaworski. His daughter name is Eva Lukaitis. He passed passed away on October 26, 2023, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada due to battling cancer. He was old and sick which affected his health badly.

Paul is also known for working with other productions projects as manager for ‘Timeless‘, ‘Charmed‘ and ‘Wayward Pines‘.

Tribute to Paul Lukaitis

ABC paid tribute to actor by adding extra show time and character Charlene “Charlie” Lukaitis.

Prior to The Good Doctor’s tribute to Lukaitis’ memory, a memorial service was held on November 11, 2023. The event gathered friends, family, and colleagues who came together to remember and celebrate the life of the hard working and kind crew member. The heartfelt ceremony reflected on his contributions and impact within the group.

Talk of his contribution to ‘The Good Doctor’ show, he served as a production manager for over 100 episodes (first six seasons of The Good Doctor). He was one of the important member and close friends to the cast of the show. Paul would always be remembered for his kindness, humbleness, and good behavior.

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