Pedophile in Nigeria: What Should Parents Do? – Faith Dogubo

How well do you really know your children?

Are you the kind of parents that your children are scared to talk to?

This is a matter that has almost been completely ignored by us. Pedophile is happening among us and we do not even know it. I was speaking to some children some time ago and they told me how their older cousins would come to the house to touch them, there was another instance where it was a maid in the house that actually molested that child. I began to ask them why they wouldn’t tell mummy and daddy and they said they were scared that mummy and daddy will beat them.

Another day a female child told me how one of her female cousins always takes her to the bathroom and touches her.



Can we be honest? If you found out things like these as parents, how do you respond? Would you beat up your child? Or would you handle the case with care? What would you really do?

Children are scared to talk to us, let us not be too harsh with our kids, child molestation is not in any way the child’s fault and we need to understand this.

What’s the way forward?

How about asking our kids how their day went? What if you spend extra time listening to their gist of what happened in school today? How about doing a good checkup on those we bring into our homes? Wouldn’t your kids be safer if you keep a close eye on your housemaid? How kind and helpful would it be if we make time out for our kids? Don’t you think we should try to listen and understand more? Isn’t it good if we made friends with our children?

How about we don’t assume that our 9-year old knows nothing about sexual harassment?

I believe that we can all do this together and create a better future for our children.

It all begins with you.

This article on ‘pedophile’ was written by  Faith Ebimoboere Dogubo @Poshcadera. To ask a question or request information about any topic, click here.

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