Rapper Lil RT Age, real name, parents and net worth

Lil RT is quite a popular name in the rapper music industry and who does not know him? It is very difficult to not have an idea about him. He is an amazing American social media influencer and child musician. He has got a lot of attention because of his couple of tracks like 60 Miles 2 and its previous version 60 Miles. His popularity is so huge that he garnered views on his social media profiles after these couple of tracks and now has around 126k followers already. He had released his first album in 2023 and now he already has huge numbers to showcase for his music tracks. His release of an album in such a young age showed his exceptional potential in the scene.

Lil RT age

Lil RT has got a huge popularity in the music industry because of his innovative and creative style. His rapping skill is well known among the people because he has got the voice and lyrics to make things look attractive. Lil RT is quite young as he is born in 2014 and is now around 23 years old. He was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His height is around 2 feel 5 inches. His net worth is around 100,000 USD. He is single as he is a very young child. Interesting fact is that Lil RT is only 9-years old and made debut into music from very young age.

Lil RT ethnicity and parents

Lil RT is of African American ethnicity. We do not have data about his parents as he is keeping things a bit private as of now. His life is now growing up and there will be more tracks coming around. His parents are born and brought up in the United States of America. This kid is going to have a bright future. Also his parents manage his professional life and business deals. His YouTube account and videos are getting many views because of latest album release.

Lil RT Net Worth

Lil RT is a young child artist whose Instagram account is managed by his mom. On his Instagram, Lil RT has 190K followers at the time of writing.

The Lil RT net worth is estimated as $258K in 2023. The young kid is not yet associated to any official music brand or label.

Lil RT also collaborated with YouTuber Kai Cenat and showcased his rap skills on his livestream video. He made everyone shocked from his rapping skills.

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