Selen is Dokibird on Twitter/YouTube? Nijisanji terminates contract

Who is Selen Tatsuki and why she is taking over on social media after her termination from Vtuber’s community Nijisanji. Yes, it is true. Nijisanji has terminated their contract and deal with the growing vtuber Selen Tatsuki. In response, to it, the VTuber had posted on official X account (formerly called Twitter) seeking fans support and tell the story of own side. The ongoing drama created a row of confusion between fans and community. In past life, Selen Tatsuki is known as Dokibird on social media. Many fans came in support to Dokibird and criticized Nijisanji for not supporting real talent and skills.

Who is Dokibird?

Selen is Dokibird on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Dokibird is a professional female virtual tuber and content creator who started her journey in 2017. She streams live content on YouTube by playing games and making animated theme videos. Dokibird had not officially revealed her face to public. She kept her original profile low until she was the part of Nijisanji.

Dokibird is an English vtuber who lives in Canada. Her ethnic roots are linked to Hong Kong. She joined Nijisanji in 2021 after the announcement of second wave, OBSYDIA. Since last two years, she is working with the professional group and grew her YouTube channel to over 7 lakh subscribers.

Why Nijisanji terminated Selen?

Nijisanji had terminated it’s contract with Selen Tatsuki due to breaching policy and misleading statements on the social media. Soon after her immediate terminated, she replied to it by posting a message. According to reports, Selen posted a music video on her YouTube channel but it was taken down by management due to policy rules of contract. Well, Selen is gone but she can be found on social media as Dokibird.

Nijisanji is a vtuber company which is owned by AnyColor Inc.

Dokibird’s reply on X

Dokibird on social media

Dokibird is a known personality on X, formerly Twitter where she has 189K followers at the time of writing. Also she has her own YouTube channel and Twitch account where she streams and upload daily videos.

Dokibird’s response to the termination is being discussed on social media as they criticized agency Nijisanji for not supporting such talent. Many fans supported Vtuber after hearing the story of her side. It is unclear that how things gonna unfold for Dokibird in future but she is a real skilled and talented virtual content creator.

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