Shani Louk video emerged on Twitter & Instagram sparks massive protest

There is Israel-Hamas war going and who does not know about it! It is a very tense situation and time of war when the world was overcoming Russia-Ukraine war. It has been in news for multiple reasons. There are many videos are circulating on social media after the Israel-Hamas conflict. Amid all this there is a video of a German lady that has come up in which the lady was stripped and paraded on the truck? The clip sparked an outrage on social media and many condemned this incident and called it inhumane. Who is this lady? Well, we are covering all up here in this post!

Shani Louk, a German tattoo artist

Shani Louk was a German tattoo artist who visited Israel to participate in the music festival. She was a 30-years old lady who has an active profile on Instagram. The video that has been viral shows a lady being paraded behind a Hamas pick-up truck. It has sent chills over the social media and the outrage is visible. The mother of tattoo artist identified herself as Shani Louk.

According to her mother, she was there for a festival as a musician and was taken as a hostage. This video shows how in the name of religion of peace Israelis are being attacked. Shani Louk is a citizen of Germany.

Shani Louk Instagram page

Shani Louk is on Instagram with username @shanukkk. The account has 47K followers and many tattoo art pictures on the page.

She was in Israel. None going to the festival of peace in Israel new that this will be their situation. More than 432 people died and more than 3200 people were injured in this severe incident.

The disturbing video of the German lady was shared on Twitter by the unidentified accounts. Mother of lady identified her from leg’s tattoo. The video incident sparked a massive outrage online and protest against Hamas terrorists.

Shani Louk family identifies her from the video

Shani Louk was identified by her family from the viral video. It is quite shocking and psychologically dismantling for victims like her and their family members. Shani Louk is in a terrible situation and her family is still waiting for a signal from her that she is alive. Mother of Shani Louk shared a video to request help from people and is also seeking further news about her daughter. It is a time when everyone should come together to act strongly against the terrorists.

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