Twitch CaseOh age, real name and girlfriend

Know about the famous gaming and TikTok star Caseoh who is a professional streamer and gaming content creator. Caseoh is a very known name in the gaming industry and many people in the industry know him as a professional YouTuber. He is a top-notch social media personality who creates content for TikTok. How old is he? And who is his girlfriend?

Who is CaseOh?

CaseOh is a professional gaming YouTuber, streamer and Twitch personality. He is more into gaming niche and he is known well for his ‘caseohgames‘ account. He has always played amazing games and has streamed them in Twitch and YouTube. He shares the gaming clips in TikTok usually and that gets viral very easily. He has been posting these clips week in and week out mostly.

CaseOh age

CaseOh age is only 25-years and he was born on May 09, 1998. His real name is Tanner Newland. He himself had not announced his real name yet.

In an interview, he confessed that he was dating a girl but broke up later. At the moment, he is singled and only doing gaming and content creation in his free time.

Caseoh professional life and Tiktok journey

Caseoh is on TikTok but he is also in Twitch as a partnered broadcaster. His TikTok videos has gone so viral that one of his videos has gained 8 million views too. Before going viral on TikTok he was working as a maintenance man as his father was mowing grass.

Being a popular gamer, CaseOh is known for games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. He has even played Uno online with other content creators. He has got huge number of fans. He usually loves to play games in horror genre. He has got two brothers. He loves to play NBA 2K game and makes content around it with Brennon O’Neill. He is amazing with his gaming skills.

CaseOh net worth

CaseOh’s main source of income are YouTube, Twitch, sponsors, Tiktok promotions and brand deals. At the time of writing, CaseOh has 195K followers on his Instagram account. His net worth is $1.54 million as he easily makes $50 to $60K through esports and streaming service on Twitch.

CaseOh is one of the fastest growing streamer and YouTuber in USA. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube and supporters on Twitch and Instagram. He also plays professional esports games and tournaments in USA with his friends.

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