Viper rapper real name ‘Lee Carter’ arrested by police in Houston

Viper the rapper whose real name is Lee Carter’ has been arrested by the Houston police for kidnapping a woman. He kept holding a woman for more than a year. As per the local news report on ABC13, the rapper has been arrested on Thursday. HPD officers made entry to his home and rescued woman who accused Lee for assaulting and kidnapping her for years. In the report, she mentioned that she approached Lee for some help and he locked her up in his property. Viper is a music artist and his fans calling it as heinous crime he committed to helpless and pregnant woman.

Who is Viper the rapper?

Viper the rapper is the local Huston based rapper whose real name is Lee Arthur Carter. He is a professional music producer and rapper who was born on October 7, 1971. In 2024, he is 56 years old. On social media, he is known by different names to fans – Vipes, Lee Dogg, Viper the Rapper, Cobra, Diemondback and J-Ride. His birthplace is El Dorado, Arkansas. He started his rap career and music at the age of six and also learned to use musical instruments like piano.

Why Viper the rapper arrested?

The Viper rapper has been arrested by the HPD officers and put different charges on him. He has to be presented before the court over the allegations and charges. The rapper may face long jail if charges against him gets proved. Currently he is being held in Harris County Jail.

Viper rapper professional career

Viper rapper is known as one of the originators of cloud rap in music industry. He got fame for his album ‘You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack‘ which was released in 2008. Lee is also a famous meme rapper on social media. At the moment, he has 37K followers on his Instagram account. He had also worked as an actor in two Hollywood movies.

Songs released by Viper

Heartless Hoodlum (2006)
The Paper Man (2008)
The Southwest Hooligan (2006
The Hiram Clarke Hustler (2009)
You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack (2008), etc.

Movies by Viper

Fift Ward (1997)
Hustletown Mobbin (2003)

Viper rapper’s ex-wife and family

Lee Carter was married and has four kids with his ex-wife. His wife name is not known. Also he dated many girlfriend in his life.

The Viper rapper net worth is estimated as $124K through music production and rapping career.

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