Vtuber Hanser face reveal, VirtuaReal creator age and biography

Hanser, a virtual personality or creator is a point of attraction for thousands of audiences. Who is she? And what is a Vtuber personality? A VTuber (Virtual Tuber) is an online entertainer who uses his’her identity as a a digital avatar or character. A VTuber created unique and live stream content for their audiences. There are multiple agencies and platforms like VShojo, HoloLive, etc who supports such digital creators and their content. Hanser is also a vTuber who is popular among Chinese audiences. On the channel and live streams, she cover a wide range of content mainly related to gaming and storyline. The concept is mainly popular in Japan, and has expanded globally. VTubers shares unique content and redefining online content creation and open new doors to opportunities for young creators. Let we read more about a growing virtual star Hanser age and journey.

Who is Hanser?

Hanser is a virtual content creator who works in partnership with VirtuaReal (branch of Nijisanji, Chinese company). She is a female VirtuaReal’s star who is a popular as a voice actor characters as Bronya Zaychik. The age of the vtuber is 14 years and it’s birthday falls on 15 May. She made her debut in the community on bilibili platform in 2010.

Hanser age

Name: Hanser
Real Name: NA
Age: 14 years
Originated: 15 May
Country: China
YouTube: NA
Weibo: hansersan

Did Hanser revealed her face or not?

The Chinese vTuber Hanser had not revealed her face yet. The face or identity reveal are just rumors on social media. In 2020, Hanser was officially announced as the fifth member of the VirtuaReal group. In 2022, she had released her own album. As a vtuber, Hanser appeared in many live concerts and video streams. Hanser and Nanami from VirtuaReal have engaged in numerous collaborations over the years.

The audiences are very curious to know the real identity of the Hanser vtuber. Her real name and identity will come out soon.

Hanser’s journey as a digital creator

The theme song “Real Me” for the Dengyue V Project was performed by hanser on June 19, 2020. She is a very talented and skilled singer who worked in collab with Nox, Susam, Jinxy and Kero. Hanser made a guest appearance as a performer during Nanami’s concert on June 5, 2021.

Hanser also uploads her unique content and animated videos on YouTube channel.

The Hanser height is 155.5 cm.

Hanser became a popular VTuber personality among Chinese audiences as her fan following is growing globally worldwide.

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