What happened to Allen West guitarist? Music world reacts on social media

Fans mourned when they heard about the death of musician and guitarist Allen West. But is it true or just false news. Allen is a very popular American metal guitarist and we know him for great entertainment dose he gives to his fans. This American legend has been a member of Massacre, and Six Feet Under. He was also part of Lowbrow, Southwicked, and Corpse Rot. He has been a very amazing personality and always been a quirky guy. Fans shared his death news on social media and that has shocked his fans, family, and friends alike. He is a pioneering figure and his death news was surely going to send shockwave across the world, one way or other.

Until his death news is confirmed, we believe that Allen West is not dead.

Knowing about Allen West Biography

Allen West had formed the band Massacre way back in 1983 when he was just in high school and his second band was Xecutioner. He later went on to found Six Feet Under where he was joined later by vocalist Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse in 1993. He had got many albums with that band and stayed in it till 1997. He then formed Lowbrow band and disbanded it after his 2009 European tour with this band. After that he stayed a part of Southwicked till he died unfortunately.

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Cause of death of Allen West

Allen West death’s news and report has not been confirmed officially yet but people and fans are sending their condolences across the globe. His death news spread like wildfire but the reason of his death is not known till now. His family and friends have not spoken about it till now. They are seeking privacy as of now. Hard to comment anything on his current condition. Family members will share information soon.

Allen is a very jolly person who used to hang a lot with his buddies and fans miss him heavily for his songs and music, without any doubt.

Tribute pored on social media

Fans and friends of musician remembered his music and songs on social media and paid him tribute. In one of the recent interview, drummer Donald Tardy discussed Allen split from the band group. It was a hard time for his team and band.

Allen West’s net worth is $1.4 million and he toured over world for the music events and songs.

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