What happened to Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House? Health and Illness Update

Chapo Trap House’s co-founder and host Matt Christman is hospitalized after a medical emergency. An official detailed post was shared on the official twitter page with the reason behind the cause of the delay in the show. Matt is popularly know for the podcast show which he started with Will Menaker and Felix Biederman in March 2016. Chapo is one of the popular podcast featuring political satire from American socialist perspective. It got popular among digital audiences in no time. Now, the show is delayed because of the Matt Christman’s serious health condition which is now officially confirmed.

Matt Christman Bio

Matt Christman is an American personality who is known for podcast “Chapo Trap House” as a regular co-host on the show. He comes from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. His age is around 42 to 43 years old. He attended the Carroll College in Wisconsin. He is a socialist and joined the Democratic Socialists of America. He had raised funds from the Patreon platform by creating official page for ‘Chapo’.

Matt is married and his wife name is Amber Rollo. Amber is a writer and standup comedian who is qualified from University of California, Berkeley.

Matt Christman Health update

Matt Christman has been hospitalized after serious health emergency according to family member’s statement. Family kept health illness details private from the public media. Matt Christman is presently hospitalized and in a stable condition. He need few days to recover completely from illness. So far what we know is that he experienced an unexpected and serious medical crisis few days ago.

The Chapo’s fans wishing and praying for the fast recovery of Matt and want to see him back again in the show. Matt & Amber urged to fans for the privacy as they don’t want to share such things in public.

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When Matt will return to Chapo Trap House?

The podcast show is currently delayed to the health condition of Matt. We hope that show will go live again after his recovery.

As many you already know that Matt and his wife, Amber Rollo, are eagerly awaiting for first delivery, daughter, which is planned for Sunday. It is also possible that Matt take some holiday leave to spend time with family and daughter. Yet we have no official date for the show but we expect that things will become normal after few weeks. We will get latest update soon from his social media accounts.

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