What is Fats Timbo real name? Comedian partner and age

What do we know about the rising comedian and Tv personality Fats Timbo? Why is she getting so famous on social media? Fats Timbo is known as a content creator, successful comedian and author. She is a very talented personality who has got 3 million followers on social media. All the credit goes to her sharp skillset, humor, rapid wit, and knowledge. She had also performed in front of camera as presenting roles on BBC’s Laugh Lessons and Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox.

A short bio on Fats Timbo

Fatima Timbo

Fats is an influencer, TV personality, author and comedian who has successfully managed to impress million of his followers on social media. The Fats Timbo real name is Fatima Timbo. She hails from London, England, United Kingdom. The content creator was born on January 9, 1997 and at the time of writing, her age is 27 years.

Fats parents works in the healthcare sector. Her mother is a nurse. She often features her mom and dad into the YouTube videos.

Fats Timbo as a standup comedian and Tv personality

Fats Timbo hosts her own stand-up comedy show which is called “Fats and Friends“. Fats collabs with different comedians on the show as they showcase their skills into live stand-up comedy. Fats began her career as a British model. Because of small height she always faced criticism in the fashion industry. But through her determination she broke the stereotypes and became a successful personality in the industry.

Her stats tell the success story of her journey, she has over 50 millions likes on Tiktok videos and millions of followers on the Instagram profile.

Fats Timbo as an author

Fats Timbo is an author and released her first book titled “Main Character Energy: Ten Commandments For Living Life Fearlessness“. In the book, she openly talked about her life fear, challenges and journey. How to make abilities overcome the outside world expectations?

Know about Fats Timbo partner or boyfriend

Yes, Fats Timbo have a boyfriend and his name is Alan. In his YouTube video vlog, she talked about her boyfriend relationship and introduced him to the fans.

Fats Timbo on social media

Fats Timbo has 328K followers on her Instagram at this time. The Fatima Timbo net worth is $1.54 million and she is associated to multiple brands and management deals. Recently, Fats was featured on the Vogue’s magazine cover page. She says that ‘she is a woman without limits’.

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