What is Kamren Fabiculanan ethnicity and nationality? Know his parents and family

Let’s know about the talented and rising American Football player Kamren Fabiculanan background and life. Kamren Fabiculanan is a top-class American Football player. Currently, he is playing as defensive back postion for the Washington Huskies football. His playing style has always been explosive and that is why he is usually loved by his fans who switch on their TV to watch him play.

Since his college days Kamren has made many scouts take notice of him. He has always been a progressive guy throughout his training process. His tackling skills have been very helpful. He has been a constant player who focused more on results than just entertaining the fans usually.

Who is Kamren Fabiculanan?

This guy has got a height around 6 feet 1 inches long. He is weighing around 196 pounds. His hometown is Camarillo, California. He is quite active in Instagram and Twitter. He has done studies during high school time from Westlake. He has always started in games for his team UW. He is a very safe choice for his coach who trust him to play for long period of time throughout his career. He has been a great tackling person and protects his team so that the winning become a bit easy for his team. How old is Kamren?

Kamren Fabiculanan age

Kamren Fabiculanan is 21 years old who is also engaged in American football since a very young age. He was born in California, United States on 13 March 2002. He started playing professional football at Westlake High School in his junior and senior years, having transferred from St. Bonaventure High School.

Kamren’s height is 6 feet 1 inches. His parents are very supportive in his professional career and always helped him to grow in his life.

Kamren Fabiculanan nationality and ethnicity

The Kamren Fabiculunan nationality is Filipino-American. He was born to Alex Fabiculanan (father) who is known a skilled football player and Kathy Fabiculanan (mother) who is a also fitness geek. He comes from a athletic family background and found his passion in the sports.

Kamren Fabiculanan net worth and contract

Fabiculanan is presently endorsing the brand’s Grape Frost flavor product because he had signed a contract with C4 Energy. Kamren Fabiculanan’s financial money sources are agreements, sponsorships, and business deals.

The Kamren Fabiculanan estimated net worth is $5.1 million in 2024. Kamren Fabiculanan officially plays for Washington Huskies and showcased exceptional skill and unwavering determination.

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