What is Kelvin Kiptum height and weight? Chicago Marathon Winner age

How old is Kelvin Kiptum? Here know all about 2023 Chicago Marathon Winner. Kelvin Kiptum shocked everyone with his new record in the marathon race. He is enjoys fans attention and love at this time. He has recently broken the record in a marathon race set by the defending champion Eliud Kipchoge. We are talking about which marathon race is this the question in your mind? Well, we are talking about the highly know marathon race around the world that is Chicago Marathon and its 2023 edition. This marathon has been known for setting the champions although with unofficial timings but set to break some ear drums. We have some interesting information about Kelvin and his past performances.

Kelvin Kiptum Age

Kelvin was born on 2 December 1999 in Keiyo, Kenya. His nationality is Kenyan and ethnicity is black.

Kelvin Kiptum in this edition ran an unofficial timing of 2:00:35 while beating the timing that was the world record around 2:01:09 set by the defending champion of the Chicago Marathon Eliud Kipchoge. Kiptum has won a cash prize of around 100000 USD, and also bonus of around 50000 USD is earmarked as he has set a new record. He is just 23 years old marathon racer but has got huge confidence. He had said that he will break the record in the race this year and he did exactly the same thing.

Kelvin Kiptum’s new record

The weather was good and in 2023 London Marathon he had a timing of 2:01:25 and it was very close to the world record set by Eliud Kipchoge. He had just fell short by 16 seconds. This has been quite a good result of this highly talented individual. He was confident that in 2023 he will set his own record and did just the same. If you look at his career, you will rarely find any setbacks as of now. He is quite a player as he has seen athletes run around his home when he was a kid and is highly influenced by them.

Kelvin Kiptum height and weight

The Kelvin Kiptum’s height is 5 feet 11 inches. In terms of centimeters, he is around 180.56 cm tall. His weight is 65 Kg. He represented Kenya in the 2023 Chicago World Marathon Majors and created the new world by winning the marathon race.

The Kelvin Kiptum’s net worth is calculated as $578K in 2023. He also endorses popular brands and products. Nike is likely to sign an official deal with him. It will simply increase his total net worth and income.

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