What is the Arthur Engoron ethnicity? Family and net worth

What do we know so far about the Judge Arthur Engoron? He is making headlines in United States because of his family background and roots. It all started after Trump criticized him. Judge Arthur Engoron presided over a fraud case against Trump and the senior executives at his company. Donald Trump made allegations against and raised questions on him. Arthur Engoron is a former teacher and musician who is currently serving at the position of New York state Supreme Court Judge. Here we have some unknown facts and details about Arthur Engoron’s family and biography.

Arthur Engoron Biography

Arthur Engoron is currently serving on prestigious position in the United States. He is a Supreme court judge who was born in 1948. He is currently about 74 years old. He pursued his undergraduate degree at Columbia University and also attended the New York University School of Law for his law education. He had worked as a law teacher and taxi driver for living.

Recently Donald Trump lashed out on him as he was listening the fraud case of company. During the general election on November 3, 2015, he encountered no opposition from opposition. But now few started asking questions on his nationality and family.

Arthur Engoron parents, ethnicity and nationality

Arthur Engoron was born to parents Edna and Malcolm W. Engoron Sr. He has four siblings.

His nationality is American and ethnicity is White.

In 2003, Engoron became a member of the bench, serving as a judge on the New York City Civil Court, starting dealing with local lawsuits and small cases.

Arthur Engoron wife and family

Engoron is married, not once but thrice. He is the proud father of four children. His wife name is Dawn Engoron.

Arthur had worked as a taxi cab and participated in protests against the Vietnam War. In his role as a New York City judge, Arthur Engoron has successfully resolved hundreds of disputes.

Engoron serves is known as founder and director of the The Wheatley School (Old Westbury, New York school) alumni association. He published an online newsletter featuring updates about junior under the title “Mayor of Wheatley.”

Arthur Engoron net worth

The Arthur Engoron net worth estimated as $8 million.

Currently, he is presiding $270 million civil fraud lawsuit case against Trump and company executives in New York. The case had affected the total net worth of Trump in 2024 and sparked a row of debate between left and right wing.

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